Cyclic - keto esters in which the ring is five- to sevenmembered may be formed by using this reaction.Mixed Claisen condensations (Section 21.3) Diethyl carbonate, diethyl oxalate, ethyl formate, and benzoate esters cannot form ester enolates but can act as acylating agents toward other ester enolates.Acylation of ketones (Section 21.4) Diethyl carbonate and diethyl oxalate can be used to acylate ketone enolates to give - keto esters.General equation and specific exampleEster-Keto esterEthyl 2-ethyl-3-oxohexanoate (76%)CH2CH3Ethyl butanoateEthyl indan-2-one-1-carboxylate (70%)CH2COCH2CH3Diethyl 1,2-benzenediacetateEsterRCOCH2CH3Another ester-Keto esterKetoneDiethyl carbonateCH3CH2OCOCH2CH3-Keto esterEthyl propanoateCH3CH2COCH2CH3Diethyl oxalateCH3CH2OCCOCH2CH34,4-Dimethyl- 2-pentanoneEthyl 5,5-dimethyl- 3-oxohexanoate (6%)Diethyl carbonateCH3CH2OCOCH2CH3BackForwardMain MenuTOCStudy Guide TOCStudent OLCMHHE WebsiteSection 21.7The malonic estersynthesisis related to the acetoacetic ester synthesis.

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Say you have a ketone such as heptanone

diethyl ether1-PhenylcyclooctanolCyclooctanoneMgBr Phenylmagnesium bromide4-Phenyl-4-heptanol4-HeptanoneMgBr OHPhenylmagnesium bromide4-Heptanone4-Phenyl-4-heptanolBenzaldehyde Diphenylmethanol CHOHMgBrBromodiphenylmethanePhenylmagnesium bromideOBrORGANOMETALLIC COMPOUNDS 351BackForwardMain MenuTOCStudy Guide TOCStudent OLCMHHE Website14.20In these problems the principles of retrosynthetic analysis are applied.

CHM242 Chapter 20: Aldehydes and Ketones …

CH3CH2-Hexanol Butylmagnesium halide Ethanal (acetaldehyde)CH3CH2CH2CH2MgX CH3CHO CH3CH2CH2CH2 CHCH3CH3CH2CH2CH2Br 1-BromobutaneMg diethyl etherButylmagnesium bromide CH3CH2CH2CH2MgBr CH3CH2CH2CH2CH2OH1-PentanolCH3CH2CH2CH2 1-Pentanol Butylmagnesium halide Formaldehyde CH3CH2CH2CH2MgX H2CCH2OH OORGANOMETALLIC COMPOUNDS 349BackForwardMain MenuTOCStudy Guide TOCStudent OLCMHHE WebsiteBy retrosynthetically disconnecting the butyl group from the carbon that bears the hydroxyl substituent, we see that the appropriate starting ketone is 2-butanone.Therefore14.19In each part of this problem in which there is a change in the carbon skeleton, disconnect the phenyl group of the product to reveal the aldehyde or ketone precursor that reacts with the Grignard reagent derived from bromobenzene.

CHM242 Chapter 20: Aldehydes and Ketones
It is also the product of the Grignard reaction of propylmagnesium bromide with ..

Coupling reactions between acyl chlorides and Grignard ..

In problem 2 the desired product has seven carbon atoms and the starting alkylations of terminal alkynes (first acetylene and then 4-methyl-1-pentyne).Such a string of reactions is called an “organic synthesis.” 3-hexanol.

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I The Synthesis of CMethyl-3-heptanol and I 4-Methyl-3