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The two cartogram depictions are both based on the same underlying principle of a , but take a very different way of applying this principle. The comparison of the two maps showing population distributions (and a look at a normal map) makes this very apparent: The original Worldmapper approach results in a relatively easy to read map depiction (which can vary in its character depending on the topic depicted – some of the most extreme disoroted maps are harder to read). This is because it preserves the country shapes, one of the great advantages of Gastner/Newman’s approach. Anyone being familiar with the shapes of the countries will be able to adapt to the depiction in a fairly easy manner (although this approach becomes more difficult when administrative areas that a map reader is less familiar with are transformed with this method – borders are arbitrary lines drawn by humans, and only the knowledge where these borders are helps to read these maps).
In contrast to that, the gridded cartogram shown on the bottom shows more unusual shapes – the colours help to see that e.g. China is now extremely distorted within its borders. A closer investigation of this map (better seen in the of the map series) shows the individual grid cells within this map projection that are the base for the transformation, depending on the number of people living in an area. That explains, why there is a distortion within countries, as people are not evenly distributed within a country. In the case of China, the major share of its more than 1.3 billion people squeezes into the eastern provinces, rather than the sparsely populated western region.
This map series demonstrates the principle and differences between the different density-equalising cartogram approaches. It explains, why one map is easier to read, but not suitable for advanced applications, while the gridded cartograms look a bit more complicated to read at first, but therefore contain a much higher level of detail that gives these maps equal capabilities of serving as a basemap for other geographic information that can be projected on top of these maps.
That, in short, explains the different stages of the Worldmapper project so far, and the evolving nature of the maps between the launch of the project website in 2006 and the completion of my PhD research in 2011. As for the future of Worldmapper, the first two phases have only marked the beginning. We hope to start work on a new Worldmapper that does not only contain updated maps of the existing >700 themes, but also extends the range of mappings towards a collection of of which the more regular visitors of this website have seen some examples since I started doing this blog. Until then, please do visit again if you want to see new material.
Any support, comments or suggestions on Worldmapper are always appreciated and welcome: (we do read all emails, even if we can’t answer all of the inquiries we get)

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