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has established the Task Group on Linking Open Data for Global Disaster Risk Research (LODGD). A meeting of the White Paper Team was held on December 2 in Sanya, Hainan, China to finalize White Paper 1 on Gap Analysis on Open Data Interconnectivity for Global Disaster Risk Research, which is to be published by May 2017, and to discuss the direction and content of White Paper 2 on the Next Generation Disaster Data Infrastructure led by Dr. Edward Chu and White Paper 3 on National Policies on Data for Disaster Risk Reduction: Opportunities and Challenges in Global Cooperation on Open Data, which I'm going to lead in the next two years.

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I sent my review of a paper submitted for the .

Our paper on an analysis of stakeholder collaboration and societal experimentation for creating innovation to address social challenges has been accepted for publication in the .

My review of a paper for the was submitted to the editor.

Our paper on university partnerships for co-designing and co-producing urban sustainability has been introduced to the members of the . ISCN is a global network of leading colleges, universities, and corporate campuses to exchange information, ideas, and best practices for achieving sustainable campus operations and integrating sustainability in research and teaching.

Our paper on woody biomass energy systems in Japan has just been accepted for publication in the .

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17. The major myth in writing a dissertation is that you start writingat Chapter One and then finish your writing at Chapter Five. This is seldomthe case. The most productive approach in writing the dissertation is tobegin writing those parts of the dissertation that you aremost comfortable with. Then move about in your writing by completing varioussections as you think of them. At some point you will be able to spreadout in front of you all of the sections that you have written. You willbe able to sequence them in the best order and then see what is missingand should be added to the dissertation. This way seems to make sense andbuilds on those aspects of your study that are of most interest to you at any particulartime. Go with what interests you, start your writing there, and then keep building!

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19. I must assume you're using some form of word processing on a computerto write your dissertation. (if you aren't, you've missed a major partof your doctoral preparation!) If your study has specific names of people,institutions and places that must be changed to provide anonymity don'tdo it too soon. Go ahead and write your dissertation using the real names.Then at the end of the writing stage you can easily have the computer makeall of the appropriate name substitutions. If you make these substitutionstoo early it can really confuse your writing.

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c. Provide the committee members with a well-written proposal well inadvance of the meeting. Make sure they have ample time to read the proposal.

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Questions about preparing your Thesis or Dissertation? This downloadable PDF provides answers to many frequently asked questions The Graduate School receives regarding formatting, the preliminary...

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Now this is the part we've been waiting for. I must assume that youhave come up with a good idea for research, had your proposal approved,collected the data, conducted your analyses and now you're about to startwriting the dissertation. If you've done the first steps well this partshouldn't be too bad. In fact it might even be enjoyable!