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A subproblem of this is approximating the range of a generator, i.e. produce the set of values it can generate (if the range is finite). If the range is infinite one can still approximate the set of values whose probability exceeds some threashold, for instance the values with more than one in a million chance of being generated in a single run of the generator.

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The title is:In analysing this title, what went through my head was something likethis:-

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Start by writing the subject you want to brainstorm in the middleof the paper like this:-

Whatever ideas come into your head, write them in balloons and jointhem to the subject like this:-

As you get other ideas, you can add strings to your existing balloons,so that the end result will look something like this:-

Some tips for brainstorming:-

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All told, assuming that this business's margins can be expanded as expected, buying it will turn out to be a good move for ABB, and makes its stock more investable. And while GE could have got more money for the unit if it had been better run, in the grand scheme of things, it only represents around 2.1% of GE's total revenue. Ultimately, its sale doesn't significantly impact the investment thesis for GE, but it should supply investors with a bit more confidence in management's determination to restructure.

I don't want detail on the historical Anarchist movement, but I needto consider Anarchist writers.

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The most general formulation of this problem is: Given a random generator of Haskell values (members of algebraic data types), try to determine if the random distribution is 'suitable' for testing properties of the data type. The goal of this project is to find good measurements for this suitability and algorithms for approximating them for a given generator. In the end this can help developers of generators (for QuickCheck testing) find and eliminate weaknesses or biases in their generators.

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While it all makes perfect sense, there are a few question marks for both companies here. Is the deal a good value for ABB, and what does the sale mean for GE?

Furthermore, some writersargue that there is a difference between these terms.

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Available translations: Chinese (thanks to Chen Feng) | Portuguese (thanks to Marcelo Cruz dos Santos) | Russian (thanks to Sergey Loy) send us your translation Writing a thesis is a complex task. You need to find related literature, take notes, draft the thesis, and eventually write the final document and create the bibliography. Many books explain how to perform a literature survey and how [...]

The simplest kind of thesis statement just tells the reader what thepurpose of the paper is.

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Ifthis is the case, do another brainstorm, starting with a more specificidea and trying as far as possible to make the main strings of thebrainstorm correspond to possible sections of your paper (you don'tneed to decide exactly how you are going to organise your paper yet,but its worth having a general idea).

Alternatively, the paper itself can bethe subject of the sentence, e.g.,

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Ususally the generators have some condition that all generated values should respect, and then the coverage should not be measured over the whole type but only over the values that satisfy the condition.