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CHICAGO - A major new study being presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) has found that digital breast tomosynthesis, also known as 3-D mammography, has the potential to significantly increase the cancer detection rate in mammography screening of women with dense breasts.

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There have been major advances in the field of breast cancer imaging since the early 1970s, both in technological improvements and in the use of the methods of medical physics and image analysis to optimize image quality. The introduction of digital mammography in 2000 provided a marked improvement in imaging of dense breasts. In addition, it became possible to produce tomographic and functional images on modified digital mammography systems. Digital imaging also greatly facilitated the extraction of quantitative information from images. My laboratory has been fortunate in being able to participate in some of these exciting developments. I will highlight some of the areas of our research interest which include modeling of the image formation process, development of high-resolution X-ray detectors for digital mammography and investigating new methods for analyzing image quality. I will also describe our more recent work on developing new applications of digital mammography including tomosynthesis, contrast-enhanced mammography, and measurement of breast density. Finally, I will point to a new area for our research—the application of the techniques of medical imaging to making pathology more quantitative to contribute to use of biomarkers for better characterizing breast cancer and directing therapeutic decisions.

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GE Healthcare launched SenoBright in 2010 in Europe and some countries in Asia, and the technology is already in use in mammography centers in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and Japan. LeGrand says excitement is growing in the United States and that she expects there to be early adopters of CESM. Clinical research continues, with further consideration regarding training and enhancements to the technology as well as thoughts of combining this with other modalities, such as tomosynthesis.

GE received.GE’s SenoClaire* 3D breast tomosynthesis gives you more clarity, more confidence.Mammography Tomosynthesis Tweets.

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14 MEDICAMUNDI 53/1 2009 Investigations and research Digital mammography: from planar imaging to tomosynthesis Mammography has been used for breast cancer.

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Pioneered at Mass General, breast tomosynthesis is a breakthrough.1 MQSA and ACR Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Mammography Accreditation Pamela L.

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Following anonymisation of cases, there was also a retrospective multireader review. The readers first read bilateral standard two-view digital mammography (DM) together with the supplementary mammographic views and gave a combined score for suspicion of malignancy on a five-point scale. The same readers then read bilateral standard two-view DM together with two-view DBT. Pathology data were obtained. Differences were assessed using ROC analysis.

Senographe Essential lets you perform a wide variety of breast procedures from in-office or mobile screening.

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GE SenoClaire Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Fuji Aspire HD Full-Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) System on 9/1/11; GE Senographe.
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