T/F The lead would be an example of an unusual statement.4.

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He showed the way to a better world.

Here are some examples of potential thesis statements for this year's theme.

Thesis Statement - Mahatmas Gandi

In the film Gandhi, it is shown that it is possible for those of different religions to cooperate and work together as rational human beings, but it is far easier for them to lose their heads and resort to acts of violence.

Thesis Statement - The Life and Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi

In present time, we, as in my class, are expected for one of our final essays to rewrite this paper, meaning how would we respond to the prompt now; now that the semester is over and we are all fellow Gandhian enthusiasts.

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an example of this was when Gandhi got kicked off the train.

As I said earlier, Indians were treated badly and did not have fair rights; an example of this was when Gandhi got kicked off the train.

Here are some more of the things that Gandhi did that really shows how much of a peacemaker he was.

However, their approach to success, peace, and ultimately, a revolution, was very different.

Thesis Statement on Non-violence with Gandhi and …

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However, despite their differences, these two leaders were similar too....

T/F The lead would be an example of an unusual statement

I have found a few articles written by members of the British Empire criticizing her poetic writing, need to search for more critiques.
So many positive articles, documents, etc.

Orwell concludes the essay the same way he began it, with a startling statement.

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They were also just treated unfairly. For example, Gandhi got kicked off of a train when he was sitting in a first class seat, even though he had a first class ticket.

Gandhi had very strong beliefs.