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For example, let's start at the beginning if Ribosomes weren't present the DNA protein coding could never get translated to be sent to the ER and protein synthesis would stop almost at its beginning.

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HHMI scientists and their colleagues discover a new mechanism of protein synthesis.

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“We initially just kind of scratched our heads. It wasn't clear to us why the A site would be occupied by a tRNA, or even how,” Frost says. The team wondered about the identity of the tRNAs: Could any of the cell's tRNAs enter the A site after it had been separated from the genetic message and the rest of the ribosome? Or did specific tRNAs arrive with specific amino acids? Collaborating with Alan Lambowitz at the University of Texas, Austin, they found that only tRNAs carrying the amino acids alanine or threonine were present in the complex.

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With few clues as to how the RQC functioned, the scientists agreed they needed to see it in action. Peter Shen, a postdoctoral researcher in Frost's lab, isolated RQCs from yeast cells and used cryo-electron microscopy to develop three-dimensional images of their interactions with large ribosomal subunits. Shen's images showed that when the RQC latched onto a ribosomal subunit, something nestled into the cavity in the ribosome where amino acids are delivered by transfer RNAs (tRNAs) so that they can be added to a growing protein. That observation was dependent on the presence of a component of the RQC called Rqc2.

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New technology and better computational techniques allowed the team to refine its images, until it became clear that there was indeed a tRNA molecule sitting in that cavity, which is known as the ribosome's A site.“That was very strange because we thought all protein synthesis had ended. The small subunit had gone away; the mRNA had gone away. We thought the ribosome was completely in destruction mode. So why was it bringing in a tRNA with an amino acid ready to be added on to the nascent chain?” Weissman says.

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