Synthesis of Luminol (Summer 05)

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For the most part, fundamental surface science studies have focused on model systems where the surface of the metal is smooth and regular. On the other hand, it has long been suspected that the activity of “real” heterogeneous catalysts is dominated by reactions at step edges and other defect sites.

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The dissociative chemisorption of methane on a metal catalyst is the rate limiting step in the steam reforming of natural gas, our primary source for the molecular hydrogen used in the Haber-Bosch process. In collaboration with the experimental group of Rainer Beck at the École Polytechnic Fédéral de Lausanne, we examined this reaction on a Pt surface containing step defects. We were able to differentiate between reactions at the step edges and the terrace sites, using both UHV molecular beam experiments and high-dimensional quantum scattering theory. Both approaches were also able to resolve the reaction probability with respect to the velocity and vibrational state of the methane molecule and the surface temperature, providing additional details about the reaction mechanism.

Most recently, Yuan and Shiller (1999) report a subnanomolar detectionlimit for H2O2 using luminol chemiluminescence.

Chemiluminescence - the oxidation of luminol

Bullet splatter looks a lot different
than knife wound splatter
- Investigators need to be sparing
as luminol can destroy the
evidence -It reacts with blood without being mixed with any other oxidizing agent
-Luminol wears off in 30 seconds, preventing tested substances from glowing for long periods of time
-It detects trace amounts of blood that are many years old, even if the bloody surface/item was cleaned
-Also any area that is sprayed with
Luminol can be photographed to
provide permanent evidence of
a crime -Blood is not the only substance that triggers Luminol.

The oxidation of luminol is a good example

(1999) determined the concentrationof propentofylline in hypocampus extracts from rats by derivitizing theanalyte to create a fluorophore which would chemiluminesce with anotherperoxyoxalate, TDPO [bis(2-(3,6,9-trioadecanyloxycarbonyl)-4-nitrophenyl)oxalate,and hydrogen peroxide following HPLC.

I found chemiluminescence to only appear at pHs higher than 8-9 and found luminol to only dissolve easily at approximately 11.

Mechanism of chemiluminescence in Fenton reaction

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The pH chemistry of luminol chemiluminescence is very complicated and I failed to get any kind of conclusive data from my own experiments.

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After luminol was synthesized it was dissolved in NaOH and it was oxidized by H2O2 in the presence of iron. It was

The slit and PMT voltage were adjusted to allow for the detectionof a strong signal without overloading the detector.

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-Luminol is stored like this then Hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide are added when the luminol is needed for use Luminol -Luminol has disadvantages but in the
end the advantages of the test outweigh the disadvantages in all you can learn
-The technique for making, using, and storing luminol has become so effective we can make it in our own labs
- The fact that we have been using it for
over 100 years also plays on the fact that
this is probably one of the best tools to
use in detecting a crime, and if it