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A literature review and the three studies described above were used to develop the questions used in the focus groups. These were then sent to two physiotherapists with expertise in HIV for comment and validation.

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Reservations with regard to overloading of the physiotherapy curriculum are not surprising as this is an expected reaction to change. Jones ., in assessing the response to curricular change in medical schools, reported that change is compromised by resistance to change and the need for a high degree of autonomy among faculty members. Nevertheless, results show that efforts are being made to include HIV in all universities represented in these focus groups. Two other themes emerged relating to the perception of HIV management as a political issue and that it should be left to education authorities.

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Sebastian graduated at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, completing the study program Biomedical Engineering, receiving a Master of Science in June 2012. He joined the group while working on his diploma thesis in October 2011. He is currently finishing his PhD thesis in "Clinical Neuroscience" focused on fMRI and connectivity.

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Dividing the class into focus groups affords a number of advantages. The first half of the quarter is generally comprised of small group critiques and reviews. The focus groups encourage students to critique one another’s work and share ideas and resources. This allows faculty to serve not only as critics within the studio but as moderators of the group discussions. The focus groups also allow group specific reviews in which guest critics provide experience and expertise related to the issues being explored by each group. Overall, the studio provides each student with a support group to foster an energetic and positive peer-to-peer learning experience.

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Andreas Hahn joined the group through the accomplishment of his master's thesis in November 2007. He graduated in June 2008 in the field of biomedical engineering carrying out parts of his studies in Valencia, Spain, and Helsinki, Finland. He finished his PhD in Dec. 2012 with the focus on PET quantification using image-derived input functions. The emphasis of his work lies on the establishment of new analysis methods including preprocessing and statistical analysis of data sets from PET and fMRI. His special interest comprises the investigation of human brain networks by combining multiple imaging modalities. Andreas was RESEARCHER OF THE MONTH of the Medical University of Vienna in Nov. 2012 and became Assistant Professor in Dec 2015.

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A total of 47 physiotherapists comprised academics and newly qualified and experienced clinicians, the focus group size ranging from 5 to 12 (Table 1).

Micro, meso and macro issues emerging from focus group discussions: Contributions to a physiotherapy HIV curriculum

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The Thesis Research and Preparation and Studio sequence is designed to provide students with a semi-structured environment in which to pursue theoretical proposals of their own choosing. Students in both classes have been divided into six studio focus groups based upon project type. This year’s groups are:

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ArkNet Media started with a single company that focused on selling magazine subscriptions, fast forward 10 years and it’s grown into much more. Now we own companies in multiple spaces: telecommunications, healthcare, and optical. The thesis changed. We are no longer a company focused on internet properties. We have become a company that has diverse holdings and we have reached a point where the name of our company no longer represents our ambitions.

As of Thursday, January 26th, we will be renamed The Stella Group. Why The Stella Group? Simple – Stella is Latin for star and it's the origins of the word stellar. As always, our narrative will be centered around a group of stellar people selling stellar products and services.

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