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Fluoroacetate is converted to fluoroacetyl-CoA, thereby gaining entry to the citric acid cycle. Citrate synthase then condenses fluoroacetate with oxaloacetate to form fluorocitrate, a process dubbed as "lethal synthesis". (Buffa & Peters, 1950)

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Synthesis of no-carrier-added [18F]fluoroacetate

A simple and rapid automated radiosynthesis of [18 F]fluoroacetate

The tricarboxylic acid cycle of astrocytes is inhibited by fluoroacetate, and the resultant ATP depletion decreases the activity of glutamine synthetase. (Hassel et al. 1994) Reuptake of glutamate into glia is also inhibited, probably due to inhibition of the ATP-dependent Na+/ K+ pump. (Szerb & O’Regan 1988)

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No mutagenicity studies have been conducted, however DNA synthesis rates decrease by 40-60% in rats intraperitoneally dosed with 5 mg/kg fluoroacetate. (ACGIH 1991)

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2-[18F]Fluoroacetate cannot be regarded as a functional analogue of 1-[11C]acetate in normal physiology and appears to be of little use for studies of organ blood flow, intermediary metabolism or lipid synthesis.

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