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Fatty acid synthesis and fatty acid elongation are two parts of a critically important pathway in plants. The endproducts are essential components of cell membranes, waxes, and suberin. Two chemical families of herbicide (groups that share similar chemical structures) inhibit fatty acid synthesis, while fatty acid elongation is inhibited by two other families. This lesson will provide an overview of fatty acid synthesis and elongation, and explain where herbicides inhibit the pathway. Mechanisms of resistance to these herbicides will be described.

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The biological production of w-hydroxy fatty acids represents an emerging biotechnology ().

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In some plant species cutin, 16-carbon dihydroxy and 18-carbon trihydroxyacids were detected ().
is a similar type of polyester polymer which contains among other fatty acids as long-chain monomers esterifying glycerol ().

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Two dihydroxy fatty acids, 15,16-dihydroxy-30:0 and 16,17-dihydroxy-33:0,have also been identified from the acid hydrolysis of the cell residue of .

The seed oil of contains aseries of long-chain vicinal dihydroxy fatty acids which make up of about 25% ofthe oil ().

Fatty hydroxamic acids may be regarded as derivatives of both fatty acids and hydroxylamine.

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As many other nitrogen derivatives of fatty acids (amino acids, hydrazides, acid azides, nitriles, isocyanates, amines), they are of considerable interest and economic importance and have, therefore, been the object of much research and industrial attention mainly in the 50s.

Essential fatty acids are three of these good fats

These compounds (namedcaeliferins) are composed of saturated and monounsaturated sulfated a-hydroxyfatty acids in which the w-carbonis substituted with a sulfated hydroxyl group ().

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A review of the importance of polyunsaturated fatty acids and their oxygenated or hydoxylated metabolites in the blood vessel compartment may also be consulted (, Prog Lipid Res 2015, 60, 41).

Hypoxilins, hydroxy-epoxy derivatives of arachidonic acid are described with .

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The saturated were identified as 2-methoxytetra-, penta- and octadecanoic acids, the monounsaturated as 2-methoxy-6-tetra-, penta- and hexadecenoic acids.

The 2-methoxy-13-methyltetradecanoic acid was identified, together with other 2-methoxylated C15-C16 fatty acids, in the sponge from Puerto Rico ().

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These fatty acids had a chain of 20, 22 or 24 carbon atoms and two hydroxylgroups in various positions, one of them being acetoxylated.
Unexpectedly, these compounds characterize non-volatile oils produced in flowersby special anatomical adaptations (elaiophores) which are collected bypollinating bees, mainly in tropical areas of North and South America (neotropicecozone).

Inhibitors of Fatty Acid Synthesis and Elongation

Their general formula is R-CO-NHOH.

These compounds are receiving a lot of attention due to their biological activity as inhibitors of cyclooxygenase and 5-lipoxygenase with potent topical antiinflammatory activity (), metal chelators, agent for removing impurities from mineral ores, efficient surfactants in the detergent industry ().
Contrary to some short chain hydroxamic acids, fatty hydroxamic acids are not commercially available and are synthesized chemically () or by lipase-catalyzed reaction ().

Azamacrolides are alkaloids found in defensive droplets from glandular hairs of the pupa of the Mexican bean beetle, ().