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The surgery was a success, but Dr. Prat said Sham should remain under close monitoring, not only because of her face but also because of other health concerns, including her failure to put on weight. Further surgery will be required to correct facial asymmetries as she grows, while her eye prothesis will also need replacement.

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Sham, now 1½, was born without an eye and with a seriously disfigured face. Following two complex operations at a Barcelona hospital, Sham is due to receive an eye prosthesis next Wednesday. Her family had then planned to resettle in the United States.

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"I was extremely happy with the job that the Prosthetic Eye Instititute did with my eye. I feel like I can face the world again with confidence. Everyone tells me how good I look now, and it wouldn’t be possible without PEI’s help. Thank you so much!"

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Sham underwent two major facial surgeries in Barcelona. In August, doctors reset her facial bones, also to make room for an eye orbit. In December, they fissured her skin into an eyelid and implanted fat taken from Sham’s bottom into the artificial orbit, which was then re-covered with a curved plastic shell. Sham is due to receive her eye prosthesis next Wednesday.

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