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The of a is the amount of biomass produced through photosynthesis per unit area and time by plants, the primary producers. Primary productivity is usually expressed in units of energy (e.g., joules m day ) or in units of dry organic matter (e.g., kg m year ). Globally, primary production amounts to 243 billion metric tons of dry plant biomass per year. The total energy by plants in a community through photosynthesis is referred to as (). Because all the energy fixed by the plant is converted into sugar, it is theoretically possible to determine a plant's energy uptake by measuring the amount of sugar produced. A proportion of the energy of gross primary productivity is used by plants in a process called . Respiration provides a plant with the energy needed for various plant physiological and morphological activities. The general equation for respiration is:

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In conclusion, our experiment supported our hypothesis, but future research could help in giving specific insights on the variables that increase or decrease the rate of photosynthesis Trial One key:
diamond-control, square-2 percent,
triangle-4 percent, x- 6 percent Trial Two key:
diamond-control, square-2 percent,
triangle-4 percent, x- 6 percent Trial One Table Trail Two Table Photosynthesis is the process by which light energy is converted to chemical energy.

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While all this is going on, the process is called photosynthesis, and then oxygen is made. But the plant doesn’t need all that oxygen so off it goes into the air and lucky for us, we can then breathe properly and stay alive.

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