Initiator tRNA and Its Role in Initiation of Protein Synthesis

The ability of the ribosome to synthesize proteins during translation usingtwenty plus chemically diverse amino acids is attributed to the presumed silentrole of the amino acid in an aminoacyl-transfer RNA (aa-tRNA) selection processthat is governed by messenger RNA (mRNA) codon-tRNA anticodon interactions.

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This lesson takes a look at tRNA and its role in protein synthesis

This activity will help students understand the role of DNA, mRNA, tRNA, and amino acids in protein synthesis. This activity will also introduce the concept of mutations.

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Compare and contrast the structure of mRNA and tRNA.
• Explain how and why the structure of specific mRNA is related to the structure of specific DNA, and the role of mRNA in protein synthesis.
• Begin to relate the structure of tRNA to its role in protein synthesis and explain how its structure enables it to carry out this role.

…because half of each of the original strands of DNA are present in each of the new strands.

…in order for the base pairs to connect according to base pairing rules, the nucleotides on the complementary chain have to be rotated through 180o.

…the mechanism of protein synthesis can only read a codon which is 3 bases long, it could not discriminate between codons which were 1, 2 or 3 bases long.

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tRNA: Role, Function & Synthesis Related Study Materials.

Can someone please briefly describe the role of mRNA, tRNA and rRNA in protein synthesis?

The Roles of RNA in the Synthesis of Protein

present on the mRNA and in this way the initiator tRNA plays a role in initiation of protein synthesis.

What is the role of tRNA in protein synthesis