Expert systems usually consists of two core parts:


This paper describes the suitability of application of expert system technology in agriculture and the propose the development of rule-based expert system ,named “KISAN” that works for soil nutrient management.

There are two stages during creating expert systems: and .

The interaction between the user and an expert system is given in Fig.

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(2011)FSKKP final year student-supervisor matchmaking expert system. Faculty of Computer System & Software Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang.

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The performance of expert systems depends on their knowledge basesmostly.

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KEY BENEFITS @Prithvi Membership Function for Value output RESULTS (cont.) @Prithvi The central laboratory for agriculture expert system (CLAES) developed expert systems with these features.

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Wheat: A Web-based Expert System for Diagnosis of Diseases and Pests in Pakistani Wheat”,Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering 2008 Vol I WCE 2008, July 2 - 4, 2008, London, U.K.] LITERATURE SURVEY(Cont.) @Prithvi PUBLISHED BY INTRODUCTION @Prithvi Research Supervisor

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inclusion in UNF Theses and Dissertations by an authorized administrator of UNF Digital Chapter Dissertation On Knowledge Base Systems 2: Overview of Knowledge-Based Expert Systems .

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@Prithvi RESEARCH SUMMARY @Prithvi Expert System will reduce the farmer efforts and helps to increase the production.

The main aim of Expert system to help farmers for Soybean crop selection, disease identification and sowing period suggestion.

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Since Artificial Intelligence (AI) was introduced in early 1970s, thegoal of AI scientists has always been to develop computer programsthat can think and solve problems at the level compatible to humanexperts.

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After interviewing many farmers and Agriculture supervisors.

The Problem highlight is that due to lack of knowledge and accurate information of farming production is low.

Person interviewed are Farmers, Agriculture Experts, Agriculture University Professors.