Gen 7:17 "For forty days the flood kept coming on the earth .."

The interpretation of this experimental evidence via the c the Doppler's motion of galaxies away from us necessary implies the second cosmological conjecture, namely, that the acceleration of the expansion of the universe because the speed of the expansion increases with the increase of the distance.
Such an expansion of the universe and related necessary acceleration are inconsistent because two galaxies that are at double distance from Earth must have double speed with respect to Earth, thus having a relative speed, but the same galaxies can be at the same distance from another observer in the universe, in which case the speed of the two galaxies must be the same, thus resulting in a clear inconsistency because the relative speed of the two galaxies with respect to earth cannot be eliminated for another observer.
Note that, while the Doppler interpretation is inconsistent, Hubble's law remains fully consistent because dependent on the trajectory of light.

Articles discussing Earth expansion appeared in the

The probability of the Expanding Earth forming by chance is so low it seems impossible.

Globe Stand, Great Circles, and the Expanding Earth

NOTE: the extremely hyperbolic conjecture that space itself is expanding does not solve this inconsistency because the solution would require the yet additional conjecture that the expansion of space is accelerating "radially" from Earth, thus going back to the main reason for rejection: the unacceptable return to the Middle Ages with Earth at the center of the universe.
Allow me to indicate at least the primary reasons for my sadness in viewing your lecture, hoping to stimulate a much needed and overdue serious scientific process:

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Only One Ten-Millionith of the earth's field (1/10,000,000)

Theslow-expanding Earth theory of Creer (1965) and others is moreplausible butlacks evidence. It does not suggest why the Earth would expand, whycontinentaldrift began so late in the Earth's history or where the energy sourceforexpansion is derived from.

What could possibly cause this massive increase in the size of the Earth?

Expanding Earth hypothesis Expanding pine cone Earth?

Finally, a scientific thinker of today that finally comprehends how all these different planet formation theories blend together. The Nebular Hypothesis of solar system formation is a good start. However, from those early low temperature and low pressure beginnings, giant gaseous protoplanets are allowed to form. Dr Herndon, a geophysicists with a PhD in Nuclear Chemistry, reaffirms that a protoplanet as large as 300 times earth's total mass would easily generate the temperatures and pressures necessary to forge our planet into what it contains today. Conditions would easily generate earth's massive iron/nickel core and finally explain the process that liquefied earth's interior. Conditions would have also supported the formation of the many unusual compounds and minerals that form the crust. Additionally, the extreme gravity of 300 times earth's mass would also compress the central planetoid to 64% of today's diameter, which brings us right back to Otto Hilgenberg's Expanding Earth Theory.

Professor Carey preferred new mass being generated within the Earth in his book,

A Brief History of the Expanding Earth Theory

But most importantly, with optical SETI we are not looking for a narrow 100-200 year leakage window, but are mapping a binary event across all stars: the existence or nonexistence of Earth-like planets exhibiting signs of life, their distribution in the galaxy, and the way this binary state changes with time.

The Following videos provide an excellent demonstration of the expanding Earth

The Earth has been expanding for over 250 million years and so ..

Whole Earth Decompression Theory explains well the activities observed as plate tectonics. The different continental plates do move about, bumping and grinding together, as the earth continues to decompress, that is obvious. The Arrogance of Plate Tectonics is apparent when you consider that according to theory as proposed, Australia would have had to march its way half way around the globe to find its present home.

Gen 7:12 "And the rain fell on the earth forty days and forty nights."

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This stripping mechanism ripped much of the earth's gaseous atmosphere away. Without the gravitational effect of all that missing mass, the compressed planetoid Pangia was allowed to decompress into present day earth. Finally, explaining the geophysical mechanism that expanded the earth to today's present diameter.