The latter is the more common method.

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Table 5: Aquatic toxicity of thiourea.

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Instrumental Method of Chemical Analysis.

From the experimental data achieved, the parametric relation between tensile shear stress and the parameters were found out using regression analysis .The optimum value for the parameters affecting tensile shear strength also found out by using soft computing methods like Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithm.

The considered problem is solved by using finite element method.

In this paper, a comprehensive review on meditation, various types of meditation, meditation data acquisition by researchers, the methodology, and applications of meditation research is presented for the welfare of the human entity.

Key words: Data acquisition, Meditation, Meditation therapy, Meditation research, Meditation techniques

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The results show that the Jensen equation yielded the most reliable results in estimation of (Ep) and it can be recommended for estimating (Ep) for monsoon season in the study region.

Key words: Pan evaporation, Meteorological variables; evaporation estimation methods

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Several variations of the methods will be addressed.

In order to solve the problem, a new methodology has been foreseen, based on using as equals or emulate the HP through a differential equation of the mathematical model, at hardware level trough electronic devices.

Key words: Bilinear transform, Dinorwig, Hydroelectric Plant, Non-variant impulse method

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But this conventionalmethod leads to more spectrum distortion.

Simulations have been conducted on the present method and a lot of analysis takes place on the large number of the data sets in a well oriented fashion with respect to the different environmental conditions where there is an accurate analysis with respect to the performance followed by the outcome in a well respective fashion takes place in the system.

Key words: Communication of RF, Data verification system, multiple groups, Radio frequency identification, Tags oriented RFID.

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Methods of test for Soils for Civil Engineering Purposes.

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The objective of the present study is to compare and evaluate the performance of six different methods based on temperature and radiation to select the most appropriate equations for estimating (Ep).