QuestionLaboratory 4: Photosynthesis, Respiration and Metabolism

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper summarizing the steps of photosynthesis and cellular respiration and explain the relationship between the two. Include the following in your paper:
For photosynthesis, include a summary of the steps in:

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Title: Understanding the Scientific Method: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

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Using what you learned on the lab animation, answer the following questions:
• Define a hypothesis that is suggested by the data that are collected in the lab.
• Complete a lab report using the scientific method.
• What effect does the intensity of light have on the rate of photosynthesis (measured as the number of oxygen bubbles)?
• Is it possible to examine the relationship between photosynthesis and cellular respiration under controlled experimental conditions? Explain your answer in detail.

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We would like you to time yourself on these labs to see how long it takes you to work through them. Please take notice of the time you start your lab and note it down. When you’re completed write the time lapsed at the top of your answer sheet. ­In the box provided.

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