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However, if the dogmatic teaching of the Church, formally considered, is a system of descriptive sentences, then it is also wrong to say that the answers the Church has to give to new questions can never be abstract conclusions from previous answers. For further true statements can certainly be derived from true propositions, under proper application of the rules of logic, and these can indeed serve to answer new questions. A theology that gives up on drawing out the logical conclusions of its teachings has given up on reason.

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In this regard, the advent of theory of Relativity brokered an epochal shift in modern science.

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But what is the relationship of the truth of the Gospel to the truth of dogmatic statements? In an argument with Hans Küng, in 1975, Kasper speaks of the “epochal break(s) in the horizon of understanding” between “the apostolic and post-apostolic tradition,” and then continues:

Debating Claims of an Epochal Break Published: April 18, 2012

Kasper claims that infallibility applies not to dead and stiff sentences, but lively historical instances; this claim, if we delete the adjectives contained in it, simply contradicts the infallible teaching of the Church, as anyone can easily convince themselves by consulting Denzinger or Ott. The Church does indeed teach that certain statements, that is, certain sentences, are infallibly true.

It offers arguments both for and against the epochal break thesis in light of historical antecedents.

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When Kasper further claims that truth could, in principle, never be said in one sentence, then that’s just wrong. For the one sentence “It is snowing” is true if it is in fact snowing (as Alfred Tarski succinctly notes [47]). Of course, the whole truth about a situation, even if it is a banal situation such as snow, can never be stated in a single sentence, but no one has ever claimed that.

The company developed a ground-breaking cancer policy and presented it to employees as a supplemental insurance policy.

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Additionally, they examine the epochal break thesis using specific examples, including the transition from laboratory to real world experiments; the increased reliance on computer imaging; how analog and digital technologies condition behaviors that shape the object and beholder; the cultural significance of humanoid robots; the erosion of scientific quality in experimentation; and the effect of computers on prediction at the expense of explanation.

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Though we often imagine "first contacts" between Europeans and Africans as clashes of epochal proportions, leaving Europeans free to manipulate and coerce the flabbergasted and paralyzed Africans, this misjudges the resilience and indeed, preparedness,...

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History could not be experienced as history until historical tradition was no longer an automatically lived reality, but was felt as a past which had to be surmounted, which people were striving critically to get beyond [….] This meant a relativization of the previous argument from authority, and presented a fundamental challenge to the absolute validity of sacred documents.[6]