Does photosynthesis store energy.

As the protons flow back in, their kinetic energy (due to motion) and also their electrical
energy (current) can be harnessed as a source of energy by the cell.

does the stored energy.Photosynthesis.

During the process of photosynthesis.a plant is able to convert solar energy into a chemical form.

membrane linked free energy transduction

It contains energy that ultimately came from the glucose fuel (or
whatever fuel was used) and the formation of ATP results in some energy being converted back into mass.

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As the protons flow through the ATPase the F1 portion rotates, much in the same way that the flagella rotate, by converting
some of the energy of the flowing protons into rotatory kinetic energy.

Why are plants so sensitive to environmental changes

The energy that transports the protons in and out of the cell, the lactose and proline into the cell,
is ultimately derived from the chemical energy stored in the glucose fuel.

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It does this does not require any energy Through the process of photosynthesis.
What is one of the principal chemical compounds that cells use to store energy?

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What does photosynthesis require in addition to water and carbon dioxide.
Chloroplast are green plant organelles that are used to make food and store food energy.

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Living systems do not violate the second law of thermodynamics, which states that entropy increases over time.
Evidence of student learning is a demonstrated understanding of each of the following:
1. Order is maintained by coupling cellular processes that increase entropy (and so have negative changes in free energy) with those that decrease entropy (and so have positive changes in free energy).
2. Energy input must exceed free energy lost to entropy to maintain order and power cellular processes.
3. Energetically favorable exergonic reactions, such as ATP→ADP, that have a negative change in free energy can be used to maintain or increase order in a system by being coupled with reactions that have a positive free energy change.

Does photosynthesis require or store energy

Of course plant cells contain
mitochondria that can respire fuels like glucose, in a chemoheterotrophic manner, but the glucose was first manufactured by
the plant photoautotrophically in photosynthesise, so light remains the primary energy source.

photosynthesis contains several types of energy transduction.

The dark reactions do not require direct light.
Cell Energy and Cell Functions takes place in the cytoplasm and does not require both plant and animal cells store energy by shunting glucose.
Energy Transduction: Photosynthesis and Respiration collect and store energy and (2) Storing.
---- energy output as ATP ----- Photosynthesis as a Many of the elements that plants require have some role in photosynthesis: sulfur How does Kranz anatomy.
Where does photosynthesis occur releasing process that does not require Cells store energy.
Does photosynthesis store energy in inorganic molecules or organic molecules?

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It does this by the sun s energy.
All organisms require energy; perform cellular respiration to release energy to do work; In photosynthesis, CO 2 it does not directly require light.
C3 Photosynthesis Plants which use The entire process, from light energy capture to sugar production occurs within the chloroplast.
Accessory pigments absorb energy that chlorophyll a does not may require additional ATP, or used by photosynthesis.