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The challenges of our human community continues with forming language, context, communication and ways to express the status of our ascending planet, and open the dialogue to discuss these great challenges that humanity faces now. We have many people operating at many more diverse levels of consciousness, and serving different roles, than ever before. This makes intentional exchanges, clear language and communication skills extremely important as a type of energetic currency forming in the shifting paradigm. Not only are we being moved into developing greater communication skill with the incarnated human family, we are having communication with many more levels of existence, as their reality crashes into ours, and all parties involved are confused. The confusion is how we all can openly communicate with the realms opening into the human world, and not be scared, in denial or persecuted for doing so. Our light family is needed to be supportive, inclusive and tolerant of the different ways of perceiving language and ways of communication. How do we do find the most compassionate language to draw boundary distinctions required to hold energetic space integrity, create value exchanges, and yet, feel open and inclusive to all? As we interact with these restructuring fields and the entity displacement it causes, how can we best be productive and of service?

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Many times one may notice a place where trauma has been, such as a suicide, a person was murdered, or there is depression, just how heavy and sad that place will feel. This is called astral and etheric residue, and many of us already sense and feel when that kind of negativity is present. Thoughts and emotions are things, and leave energetic imprints and residue in everything. To an unconscious person, they pick up on these external energies and think it is coming from inside themselves. Many times the person will act out the same energetic pattern without even knowing about it. Additionally, because we have so many displaced entities, many light-workers with a strong light aura, are attracting extra-dimensionals as well as trapped or confused human souls. They are coming to you for the light and for help. Tools will be provided in this newsletter to begin to support the land, nature and any beings that may be confused and/or stuck in that land/place/house or space. Many beings get stuck or attached to an "object" and cannot leave on their own. With this tool and an open, loving and sincere heart, you can help comfort, transit and guide these energies in a way that is good for you, and good for them.
Open 12 D portals in the Environment to Annul Negative Vortexes
(Override Negative Spin Points to Krystal Coding Alignments)
Opening: In the name of God, I serve the Guardian Consciousness, Serving God in the Sacred Laws of One.

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As we are well aware, the point of external power and how that energy source has been directed (and stolen) has long been the crux of an ancient heated Extraterrestrial dispute, among those shadow selves that intentionally exploit and enslave others on this planet. We are reliving the pinnacle of these disputes now. As a result, the shadow and its energetic imbalances existing in our own lives (and relationships) are being brought blaringly into surface view, as now is the time of Settling Accounts. This shift in the larger field is starting with us, and many of us will undergo these “return to energy balance” corrections, as well as face to transcend the shadow selves, in the months to come.

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Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE) is a unique body work that combines Access Consciousness™ with hands on manipulation techniques targeting the connective fascia tissue located throughout every inch of the body.

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To the spiritually uninitiated, this may appear to be a mental, physical or nervous breakdown for those individuals who are being forced to change their lifestyle now. The cost is taken at the individual ego level as it is the overall group consciousness, the health of the collective, which is at a much higher energetic priority now. We are leaving the rule of selfish ego and moving into the awareness of the larger group of planetary consciousness.

Thermochimica Acta 384 (2002) 187–204A review of energetic materials synthesis Philip F

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As the magnetic peak gave way to many openings in the planetary dimensional structure, this allows many more people to be exposed to these energies, elements, disincarnates and many other types of extra-dimensional activity. Multidimensional activity on earth is rapidly accelerating, and still there is not much information available to the masses about what it means to become a multidimensional human being. This leaves symptoms that people do not realize are multidimensional or spiritual- energetic issues, as they have not been given a context for multi-dimensionality, or spiritual ascension. Many people's bodies are having reactions to environmental energies, and their body is searching for homeo- stasis, a way to achieve balance between the changing bodily systems. As the environmental energies become more chaotic, the energy body is being exposed to many different forces, and spiritual housecleaning is not something that is taught or readily available. As light-workers, we may be helping more people to understand the necessity of energetic self- clearing, through whatever way that person can accept that communication. It is truly critical to know that everyone has the power to call upon and run life force, to shield their body, as well as remove blocked or harmful energies from impacting their aura, as well as how they experience those energies in the environment. If one is empathic and feels geological pain and trauma, they do not have to hold onto that pain inside their body. There are many re-educational materials and ascension tools to prevent that from happening.