Endogenous Synthesis of Arginine Plays an Important …

The role of endogenous nitric oxide (NO) synthesis was investigated in the regulation of the internal (ICA) and external carotid artery (ECA) beds of ventilated, anesthetized rats in a model in which the left common carotid artery was perfused from the aorta via an extracorporeal circuit under conditions of non-pulsatile controlled flow. The territories supplied by the extracranial ICA and ECA were studied separately following occlusion of the appropriate artery. An inhibitor of nitric oxide synthesis, NG-monomethyl-L-arginine (L-NMMA), and the NO synthase substrate L-arginine were administered via a jugular venous catheter. NO synthesis exerted an important influence on the pressure-flow relationships of the ICA and ECA circulations as L-NMMA increased input perfusion pressure at any given flow rate. However, in the presence of NO synthesis, hydraulic conductance increased rapidly with flow in the ICA, thereby stabilizing perfusion pressures over a wide range of flow rates, whereas this phenomenon was not evident in the ECA territory. Differences between the two circulations were further emphasized by observations that L-arginine antagonized the systemic hemodynamic response to L-NMMA and its effects on the conductance of the ECA bed, whereas the effects of L-NMMA were irreversible in the ICA territory.

An important role for endogenous synthesis of arginine …

Evidence for the de novo synthesis of l -arginine in newborn pig enterocytes

Endogenous synthesis of arginine plays an important …

Besides amino acids, specific vitamins and minerals are also important for the joints. Vitamin C is involved in the endogenous synthesis of cortisol. Cortisol prevents inflammatory processes in the joints and plays a significant role in the regeneration of cartilage substance.8

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Renal arginine synthesis in humans produces approximately 2 g /d, which may be compared to an intake, from a Western diet, of approximately 4 to 5 g/d.

The rate of arginine synthesis depends on citrulline delivery and does not appear to be regulated by dietary arginine availability.
Appreciable quantities of arginine are synthesized in the kidney from citrulline produced by the intestine.

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Spontaneous, nonenzymatic breakdown of creatine and creatine phosphate to creatinine causes the excretion of 1 to 2 g creatinine/d and requires the replacement of an equivalent amount of creatine from the diet and by endogenous synthesis.

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The first enzyme of creatine biosynthesis, L-arginine:glycine amidinotransferase, occurs in the kidney and produces guanidinoacetate, which is released into the renal vein.

Endogenous synthesis of creatine in the liver is sufficient for normal activities

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