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The stationery Dickinson used—its watermark and date—sometimes contributes to the material evidence regarding the date of composition. Such evidence is not, however, conclusive, especially since Dickinson almost certainly drew from a stock of paper that had accumulated for several years. Watermarks and dates thus indicate only the earliest possible date of composition (i.e., the year the paper itself was manufactured), never the actual date(s), and even documents that are bibliographical twins may have different composition/copying dates. Furthermore, a significant number of the manuscripts reproduced here are rough copy drafts written on brown paper or scraps of ruled notebook paper. In these instances the paper evidence rarely assists in establishing the date of composition. In the notes accompanying individual drafts I have included, whenever possible, information regarding the watermark and date of the stationery Dickinson used but have left the date(s) of composition open. The dates assigned, respectively, by Johnson, Leyda, and Franklin appear in brackets. In appendix 2 I have summarized the Bingham-Leyda-Johnson sequences in order that the reader may see where there is general concurrence respecting a date as well as where there is a divergence of opinion; in appendix 7 I have listed manuscripts according to paper groups.30 With the exception of four drafts that can be dated precisely on the basis of both external and internal evidence, this edition does not establish a definitive chronology or even a hypothetical sequence for these writings. On the contrary, the potential shifting of contents in this digital environment undermines the ambitious but “impossible” chronology of the variorum while also foregrounding the ways in which the act of “drafting” is itself ultimately subversive of all such orders.

Five of Dickinson's poems are discussed in considerable depth.

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—R. W. Franklin, The Editing of Emily Dickinson

Examines a group of poems by Emily Dickinson and focuses on her love of nature and her ability to make us smile with some of her metaphor.
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The paper concludes that Blake's and Dickinson's theology ultimately derives from the observation of Nature and its processes, and both poets see reflected in the impersonality of Nature the impersonality of God.

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Readers familiar with Dickinson’s fascicles will recall that she often divides poems from one another by drawing a horizontal line between them. Such lines are also found in several of the rough copy fragments included here and may indicate the limit of a particular thought. On the other hand, the lines may also divide the increments of an extended thought. Boundaries are difficult to mark with certainty, and “first lines” (of texts, as opposed to documents) are occasionally a matter of the cataloger’s or editor’s judgment.

In this poem Emily Dickinson helps us learn that we should stop thinking highly of ourselves because we really are just like everybody else.

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The writer details the metaphors of the poem, its form and rhyme scheme, and critical views of its relationship to Dickinson's own life.

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-Many of the writers we cover in this class might be difficult to find information on through the GMC library. Because of this, I have narrowed down the list of authors you are allowed to write about. You MUST choose one of the following authors as the topic for your paper: Tim O’Brien, Jamaica Kincaid, Herman Melville, Ernest Hemingway, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Walt Whitman, Anne Bradstreet, Edwin Arlington Robinson, William Blake, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, Susan Glaspell, or Henrik Isben. You are not allowed to write about any other not on this list. Note that some of these authors are covered late in the course, so you will want to read ahead to find authors that interest you.

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5. For an account of the familial struggles over Dickinson’s manuscripts, see Millicent Todd Bingham, Ancestors’ Brocades: The Literary Debut of Emily Dickinson (New York: Harper and Brothers, 1945). For another, more recent perspective on the family rift, see John Evangelist Walsh, This Brief Tragedy: Unraveling the Todd‑Dickinson Affair (New York: Grove Weidenfeld Press, 1991).