What is the Efficient Market Hypothesis?

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The Efficient Market
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The efficient market hypothesis is based on the fact that investors are rational, but they are irrational

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 A Test of Weak and Semi-Strong form Efficiency in the Nigerian Stock Market

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Market participants
Sophisticated investors who placed such a high value should have done better job
Irrational reliance of stock price on its auditors’ compromised certification
The Efficient Market Hypothesis


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Mark to Market Accounting
Under the method, it is possible to book the entire estimated value for all future contracted years on the day the contract was signed
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The Efficient Market Hypothesis


The failure of market
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However, consistent with the efficient markets hypothesis, we do not find evidence that this is useful as an investment strategy.

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Financial Markets Understanding Interest Rates; The Behavior of Interest Rates; The Risk and Term Structure of Interest Rates; The Stock Market, the Theory of Rational Expectations, and the Efficient Market Hypothesis.

Investment performance of common stocks in relation to price-earnings ratios: A test of the efficient market hypothesis.

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It is also worth asking this question: In practice, do standard setters actually develop standards on the premise of market efficiency? As far as I can tell, almost all information regulators act as if they are guided by the Incomplete Revelation Hypothesis, rather than the Efficient Markets Hypothesis. The FDA won’t let advertisers hide the bad news in the fine print, and the new Consumer Financial Protection regulators won’t let mortgage brokers do that either. Turning back to financial reporting, many policies are very hard to explain from a perspective of market efficiency. If markets efficiently process all public information, why would the FASB care about financial statement presentation, and why would the SEC care about writing filings in Plain English? KRS bring in theories of political capture and ideology to fill the void, but it seems easier to assume that standard setters believe that markets underreact to information that isn’t easily extracted from public disclosures. After all, such an assumption can be grounded in seminal theory of financial markets and supported by decades of laboratory market experiments showing that the more widely distributed information is among investors, the more completely the information is reflected in prices in laboratory markets. The assumption is consistent with archival evidence that markets , and that firms and trumpet good news (as if managers expect incomplete revelation).

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There might well be problems basing financial reporting standards in the Incomplete Revelation Hypothesis. My hope is that KRS will make that case in the paper, rather than the broader (and less justifiable) case that there is no clear alternative to standards based in market efficiency.