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This all comes back to help debunk the hypothesis, because when you lump all the people in the stock market that make buying or selling decisions with their different biases and thoughts, you are going to get a different reaction from each individual investor on their thoughts of the current price of Amazon vs. Wal-Mart.

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Data on the prices of stocks can perhaps help us see if the efficient market view is accurate, or if we instead see lots of bubbles. This sounds like an easy exercise but is actually very hard. It is difficult to calculate the discounted present value of expected dividends because it requires forecasts of the future. The usual interpretation of this evidence is that the efficient market hypothesis is not capable of explaining all the variations in asset prices, particularly over short periods of time.

DeBondt and Richard Thaler discovered that stock prices overreact; evidencing substantial weak form market inefficiencies.

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Today, we are going direct it against some other group. Probably make some people mad. Basically talking about the academic types in their ivory tower. There is a theory called the efficient market hypothesis, really based off a lot of the professors at the University of Chicago.

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It's kind of like them, through their performance that has proved the efficient market hypothesis hasn't held true for them. So, there's that camp. And there's the other camp that says the other investors should not try to beat the market because the markets are efficient.

Eugene Fama first introduce his Efficient Market Hypothesis (“EHM”) back in 1970. In summary, EHM states that stock markets are…

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The paper extended and refined the theory, included the definitions for three forms of market efficiency: weak, semi-strong and strong (see below)[5].

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So, the whole premise behind it is that there is this idea that every stock available in the stock market is fairly priced based on the information that is available currently. There is all this financial data... the stocks trade on how they release earnings, what balance sheets look like. So, the whole premise of the efficient market hypothesis is that all this information is freely available. You've got millions, perhaps billions who are sifting through this.

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If you pursue an education in relation to investing or the stock market, economics you will get exposed to the efficient market hypothesis. It is something that there have been a lot of studies on. Ph.D. theses were done on it. It is also a very hotly debated theory among investors, particularly value investors.