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(b) In an efficient market, a strategy of randomly diversifying across stocks or indexing to the market, carrying little or no information cost and minimal execution costs, would be superior to any other strategy, that created larger information and execution costs. There would be no value added by portfolio managers and investment strategists.

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This would tend to indicate that rather irrational behaviour can sweep stock markets at random.
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DeBondt and Richard Thaler discovered that stock prices overreact; evidencing substantial weak form market inefficiencies.
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I have two disagreements with Nieboer. First, his definition of free land has too much legal and not enough economic content to my taste, though he seems to have been unclear rather than wrong. Second, he exaggerated the importance of the hypothesis by claiming, though not in so many words, that free land or other free resources are both necessary and sufficient for the existence of slavery or serfdom: "... Only among people with open resources can slavery and serfdom exist, whereas free labourers dependent on wages are only found among people with close resources."(39) He protected himself with a note on the same page by excluding simple societies of hunters, fishers, and hunting agriculturalists, hardly a fit company for the farmers of the American North. He disregarded the possibility tha tserfdom, once established, could exist for a long time after its initial cause--free land--had disappeared, or that serfdom may be even introduced in the absence of free land. He ignored the role of government. These, however, are minor defects in an important major contribution.

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These investors' strategies are to a large extent based on identifying markets where prices do not accurately reflect the available information, in direct contradiction to the efficient market hypothesis which explicitly implies that such opportunities exist.

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This notion is further supported by the fact that all stock market operators who regularly appear in the Forbes 400 list made their fortunes working as full time businesspeople, most of whom received college educations and adhered to a strict stock picking philosophy they developed at a relatively early age.