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The Gulf News report said Members of the House said the UAEU, which was founded in 1976 and is the oldest in the country, is one of the few higher education institutions in the country with significant research programmes, but it was not included among the world's top 500 universities.

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237-247, UAE Education: Modernization and the challenges of globalization).

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Pursuing higher education in United Arab Emirates is always enjoyable and pleasing, but such a pleasant surprise occurs when students are able to derive the pleasure out of a hectic and lackluster educational life. Especially, when it comes to producing a dissertation in the land of deserts and barren field, you need to be prolific from head to toe, as chances of failures are always higher and the success comes to those who burn the midnight oil in pursuit of higher education.

In fact, dissertation writing in a country like UAE is more than a challenge and this is because research standards and academic values are quite higher here, which as a result, makes it difficult for a student to write a dissertation with maximum accuracy and utmost perfection. In UAE, students are equally encouraged to write a dissertation on any topic of their choice, but such encouragement comes with lots of responsibilities and accountabilities, which you can never avoid when studying in higher educational institution or university here in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Some of the examples are the , the, the , the , and the , and so forth.

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When dissertation writing becomes a challenge, you need to be a real fighter with an endless enthusiasm and fighting spirit. However, the path of dissertation writing in UAE is paved with unseen hurdles and loads of obstacles, which you have to cross despite all difficulties and challenges. There is no room to look behind as the dissertation writing calls for a continuous struggle in pursuit of intellectual excellence and educational brilliance. Yes, it is your time to emerge as a Ph.D. scholar in your chosen discipline of knowledge, but what about the rest of the impediments, which are lurking behind? Given that writing a comprehensive, as well as a specialized dissertation, is not a matter of fun for any student studying here in UAE, do you think you may comply with your dissertation requirements successfully? Do you know how to proceed when your research supervisor rejects your dissertation proposal at once? Do you thoroughly understand all the standard research formats and writing styles? Do you have all the latest references and citation in order to incorporate these into your literature review? In addition, what will be your research methodology and how much time will you take to decide it?

Students of higher education confront many critical tasks and challenges like dissertation & thesis writing.

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