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Students can advance in their education and training programme if obtaining a minimum mark of 8.00 in examinations and a pass qualification for the research papers/creative works.

Guidelines for Education and Training at the Master's Level

State supervision is carried out by the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs.

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It includes the credits according to a relevant Ministerial Decision, as well as the level of qualifications in correspondence to the National Qualifications Framework, the European Qualifications Framework of Lifelong Learning and the Qualifications Framework of the European Area in Higher Education.

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According to the National Qualifications Framework of Higher Education, each programme also includes the learning outcomes and the qualifications acquired through the study programme as well as through each module, educational activity, or in-service traineeship.

Throughout the year, there is a total of four weeks of Christmas and Easter holidays.

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The educational plan is a complex document comprising duration of studies, subjects by type and year of study, types of activities, number of allocated periods by subject and activity, examinations, and number of credits allocated, etc.

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Nevertheless, care is taken to ensure that the TEI curricula contain a sufficient number of background theoretical courses, so that graduates are able to adjust easily and efficiently to the ever changing and increasing professional and social life demands.

Structure of the academic year

As regards tertiary education, the academic year begins on 1st September each year and ends on 31st August of the following year.

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The structure and content of the educational plan regarding subjects, activities and number of periods has to comply with the national academic standards.

The teaching aids used in higher education depend on the specialisation and subject.

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The exam commissions are established through decision of the rector of the higher education institution organizing the exams, based on the propositions of the faculty, college or department councils.

The only prerequisite is that applicants are graduates of Upper Secondary Education.

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Curricula are established autonomously by the higher education institutions, according to the national strategies for higher education development and the national academic standards.

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According to the provisions of the law regarding higher education institutions accreditation and diploma recognition, the higher education curricula have to include compulsory, optional and facultative subjects.