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Any ideas? Am using wordpress with woocommerce and a themify theme called flatshop

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Putting this together is pretty simple. Because I use Genesis, my code is specific to the (affiliate link), but you could easily use this with any theme if you change the hook. You’ll be creating a new file called (or modifying it if your theme already has one), because that’s the template file that WordPress uses for its Posts Page. Here’s everything you want in your new file:

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I just started using the Thesis theme and this video came in very handy tonight!. Keep up the good work! Actually I was looking for this sort of tutorial..Thanks a ton…Hopefully I will be able to add footer widget but if I get stuck..I will email you Pascal..for help and advise…Thanks once again

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I think, however, if you put specific code like this into your file, you may end up with unintended results. According to the , the file is what WP will use for pretty much everything (categories, single posts, front page, home page, etc.) if no other, more specific, template is available.

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Well, because of how the Genesis Framework is set up, I work with just child themes, which pull the Genesis file, which consists of the header and . But if you look into that function, it’s pretty similar to what’s in the files for the default WordPress themes, such as Twenty Fifteen and Twenty Fourteen, just with Genesis specific markup and hooks.

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WordPress 4.2 is supposed to launch quite soon, and while working through this tutorial, I discovered that because WordPress and most themes do not show the Posts Page content, , since WordPress doesn’t output this content.

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I get the reasoning behind this, but for our purposes, it’s not helpful, so I looked into how to bring back the editor (if your Posts Page has content, the editor will not disappear, so you may not encounter this unless you delete that content). It’s not all that difficult. You’ll want to add this to your theme’s file, or the appropriate place of your choosing:

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If you set a static Front Page and another page as your Posts Page, all you need to do for a custom layout on either is to create a (for the static front page) and a for the Posts Page. So your first option, if you don’t create a special template to handle posts, will work just fine for the Posts Page. If you want to create a custom Front Page template, you want to name that file , because WordPress will automatically use it, without you having to select a custom template or anything like that.