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Many more species of producers and consumers live in these types of habitats, so what is seen in the eco-column is only a minor representation of what truly exists.

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This enabled a self sustaining and functioning ecosystem within our Eco-Column.

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Besides this we were successful in creating an self-sustaining and functioning ecosystem within our self-made ecocolumn.
Real world connection- Would be any a biological community that can thrive and function with the help of each factor included in that particular physical environment.
Changes- longer a trial, have some other living organisms with the beta, and include recording the temperature with the rest of the test preformed.
We can observe from the data presented, the dissolved oxygen went from 2 to 6ppm, the nitrate went from 20 to 80, pH levels also increased and so on just like that.

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A person would not be able to see this in the real world, as real world habitats are too massive to observe without special equipment.

(Angelica Loya)
Background Information
Some of the basic principles of ecology that my group and I expected to see in this eco-column are the interactions between the organisms and their habitats for sustainability.

Analysis: Discussion on the availability of light affected the habitats in th eco-column.

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Because of the visible cases of evaporation and condensation, this experiment is an example of an open system, as there was no bottle cap placed at the top of the eco-column.

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Such observations represent much of what is seen in the real world, as stable habitats exhibit equal effort from the consumers and producers to maintain their quality of living.

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This is an excellent tool in understanding ecology because it is a very close, in depth analysis of what can occur in a particular habitat and how it affects other habitats.

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Our spider and cricket had also died.
Discussion concerning the life and death of the fish.

On the first day of our eco-columns, we were given healthy fish that lived in a wide spaceous tank with a water filter that cleaned the water on a daily.

This area in our eco-lab had the greatest change, as we were able to see the procedure of plant growth.

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Due to the fact that there wasn't much algae in the chamber, this probably means hat my group and I did not add excessive amounts of water to the eco-column.

Our Eco-Column allowed us to create and observe how to maintain a sustainable ecosystem, this will result in preserving our earth more efficiently.

Through the creation of this three-tieredd ecocolumn, ..

Due to the relationship between the fish and the elodea it helped keep both, the cycle of energy and flow of nutrients, in order and provided assistance of nutrient cycling throughout the Eco-Column from this level.
Causes of Eutrophication
(Angel Ureño)
While our eco-column didn't grow too much algae, there was still enough to spark interest as to how it grew there.

This meant the the daily doses of water put in the eco-column was able to escape into the troposphere.

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They should have had a certain amount of nitrogen and other elements, which probably weren't met.

Ecosystems are all about a range of tolerance.
Identification of organisms
found in all three habitats
When constucting our eco-column, we were insructed to add certain orgainisms to each terrestrial chamber.