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A qualitative approach was adopted to evaluate the critical success factors involving two principal data collection methods; a thorough and systematic review literature and in-depth interviews with e-learning providers.

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The learners control their own study progress and they deicide how much they want to learn....

In fact, most of the time humans spend is for learning.

With game-based learning tools to bridge that gap comes the promise of vastly more productive and engaged students and workers—ones who embrace learning....

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Some of the key features of young children’s learning in the writing area include books, mark making, flash cards, painting, magnetic letters, puppets, storytelling, singing role play etc Ferreiro and T...

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This study provides information about what the cooperative learning is, what are the requirements to generate cooperative learning in organizations....

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Readiness Category Readiness Factor No. Items
Personal ITE 1 I use e-mail as the main communication tool with my students and colleagues
2 I use office software (e.g., MS Word, MS Power Point, etc.) for content delivery and demonstration
3 I use social network sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.)
ATT 4 I am aware of what e-Learning is and of its benefits
5 I support and intend to use e-Learning in my teaching
6 E-Learning will create more stress for me as an instructor
SE 7 I feel confident in my ability to use e-Learning in teaching
8 I can teach myself most of the things I need to know about using e-learning
9 I am hesitate to use e-Learning for fear of making mistakes
G 10 Gender dissimilarity makes no difference in the adoption of e-Learning
11 E-Learning is a good teaching tool to resolve gender segregation in HEIs, in the region
12 Female faculty members most beneficiary of using e-Learning
Attitudinal Beliefs PU 13 Adopting e-Learning will allow me to accomplish teaching tasks effectively and quicker
14 Using e-Learning system will improve my teaching performance
15 Adoption of e-Learning in the region will have a positive effect on the educational process
PEOU 16 Learning the use of e-Learning will be easy for me
17 Using e-Learning systems is easy to use
18 Using e-Learning will make it easier for me to teach course content
PF 19 Adopting e-Learning will offer me flexibility in learning as to time and place
20 Adopting e-Learning will save me time and effort commuting to the university
21 Adopting e-Learning will allow me control over my teaching
Institutional PD 22 I need extensive training to develop e-content
23 My university provides training to prepare faculty using e-Learning
24 My university is willing to invest in my future professional development
LS 25 University management is enthusiastic about e-Learning
26 Management support is strong at my college/department
27 My college/department has adequate financial resources to develop technology-based initiatives
IN 28 Greater financial rewards are needed to get faculty to participate in e-Learning
29 Greater release time is needed to get faculty to design and deliver e-Learning courses
30 I am morally motivated and encouraged to use e-Learning
Technological ACC 31 The cost of connecting to the internet is affordable
32 I have an easy access to the internet with good speed in the university
33 I am very satisfied with the networked infrastructure at my university
TS 34 I do not face any technical problems while using the internet
35 A help desk is available at my department when there is technical problem
36 An able and effective technical team is always available at my university
ISS 37 Information Security is a major concern with e-Learning systems
38 Extra security precaution is needed with e-Learning before I would feel comfortable using e-Learning in my teaching
39 I am satisfied with the security provided by my university to protect information
Cultural LANG 40 Use of local Arabic Language is important for e-Content development and teaching
41 Use of foreign Language such English and French simplifies and improves teaching online
42 My students won’t accept learning by languages other than Arabic
SC 43 E-Learning is seen as a cultural invasion by society in the region
44 Religious view in the region could be an obstacle to adopting e-Learning
45 My university culture does not dupport e-Learning
SI 46 I will take my family view regarding using e-Learning
47 People whom opinions I value would think I should use e-Learning in my teaching
48 Whether I decide to adopt e-Learning for teaching is entirely up to me

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Based on the review of e-Learning Readiness Models, the artefact (Model) eLearning Readiness Assessment Model illustrated in Figure 1 below is developed to guide the study. The proposed model is an eclectic model for assessing faculty e-Learning readiness. The five main parameters that are used to develop the hybrid model are; Personal readiness, attitudinal readiness, Institutional readiness, Technological readiness and cultural readiness (social readiness).

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While it might be ostensible that general knowledge is somewhat important to prioritize when learning, it suffocates and holds back the vital way of maturing as individuals....

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Although, each child has its distinctive form of learning, the educational system and educators need to construct a new method to instruct children with learning disabilities....