The DX7 and FM synthesis, in their day, opened up a new horizon.

Further information .Here are some hints on hooking your DX7 synthesizer up to a PC.There should be no problem with trying to drive the DX7 fromyour PC, if you have a working sequencer and an MPU401compatible MIDI interface configured correctly.

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The Yamaha DX7 is a digital synthesizer built around an FM synthesis engine

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The appearance of FM (Frequency Modulation) sound generation was a major turning point in the history of synthesizers. Its metallic and sharp sounds, most notably electric piano and synth bass, have been loved by all music creators since 1980 up to the present time. The volca fm perfectly reproduces the sound engine of the classic digital synthesizer that made the world aware of FM synthesis. Its six operators and 32 algorithms provide complete compatibility, and it can even load files in the SYS-EX/SYX format of the Yamaha DX7.

The Yamaha DX7 is probably the most well-known FM synthesizer

If you don't have the MFC40 run time libraries, you'll need to pick theseup from the same place to run Midilib.A DX7 patch librarian for the Atari can be found or.A number of DX series utilities for the Amiga including a librariancan be found.A summary of the software available for the DX series of synthesizersin 1988 (thanks to Paul Troutman) can be found .Here are 2 for the TX81Z and2 for the TX802 that Dorian Maydesigned for Steinberg's Cubase VST for the Mac.Go for a freeware program by Manuel Op de Coulto tune a DX7II/TX802, SY77/TG77/SY99/VL-1/VL-7 or TX81Z/DX11/DX27/DX100 to any scale you like.

dx7-synth-js - A JavaScript implementation of the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer
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Synthesis Info and DX7 Programming

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The DX7 was better than both of those, but the FM synthesis was the same.

The Yamaha DX7 is a digital synthesizer made in Japan in 1983