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Presentation Summary : An education beyond the classroom: excelling in the realm of horizontal academics Karen F. Owen Senior Honors Thesis Duke University Submitted to the Department of ...

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Excelling In The Realm Of Horizontal Academics » Duke University alumna ..
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A Duke student has produced what is arguably one of the most-read senior thesis presentations in decades. “Excelling in the Realm of Horizontal Academics” is a 42-page Power Point chronicling the hook-ups Karen Owen had while in school, most of them, according to the , with student athletes. The says it was a private joke that has fallen into the “borderless world of the Internet.”

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The thesis started off as a joke. Owen sent the presentation to three friends, one of whom forwarded it on. Before long, it had circulated around the whole student body and was being written about at length on websites like Deadspin and Jezebel. The original version posted by many sites had the full document, complete with the names of Owen’s partners, along with her evaluation of their sexual performances. After privacy complaints most of the names have been redacted. Owen shares her evaluation criteria with readers, and I must direct your attention to the section titled Bonus. Apparently Owen subtracted points from her conquests scores for “rudeness or being Canadian.” Harumph.

horizontal academics.” In it she talked about her bedroom escapades from her sophomore year though her senior year at Duke.
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If you are a Duke University athlete who had maybe fooled around with a few girls, you better hope that Karen Owen is not one of them. In a joke of a senior thesis, the Karen Owen List was born. The name of the thesis, which Karen sent to a few of her friends was, “An education beyond the classroom: excelling in the realm of horizontal academics” In it she described all the Duke University athletes that she had slept with in detail. Detail, as in conversations she had with them, length, girth, etc.

excelling in the realm of horizontal academics."

"Excelling in the realm of horizontal academics ..