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Phillip Ball has at Nature on the future of organic synthesis (and quotes a number of times from discussions on this blog). He starts off with the reasons why people go to the trouble of making molecules in the first place, looks at how that process has changed over the years (and how the reasons behind it have), and at where both of those might be going.

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But if the goal of organic synthesis is to synthesize a molecule, then it does reduce in that way. That’s where many people have a problem, because it feels wrong to them in the same way that brute-forcing to the end of a chess game does. So that starts a search for other goals – training chemists, discovering new reactions, and many more – some of which are good arguments and some of which aren’t. I think, though, that the listing of them comes from that initial feeling of strange wrongness that people get when they envision hitting a “start” button for a program to optimize a retrosynthesis, which then starts a hood full of robot parts to cranking out the molecule – while the chemist does what, exactly? If chess is just two computer programs banging into each other, what’s the point, and if organic synthesis reduces to a pile of algorithms and a bunch of tubing and pumps. . .?

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The Organic Chemistry: Drug Discovery MRes at UCL offers students the opportunity to follow an integrated course of research and interdisciplinary study. Students gain outstanding training in synthetic organic chemistry applied to drug design, together with a breadth of experience in several areas of synthetic methodology and chemical biology.

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# John Wayne. Right in the bull’s eye. I see a constant need for real process artisans to stitch together our new drugs that get more and more complex. For a process to be simple and cheap, many skills are required that can only be acquired by exercising, yes, a lot of different organic syntheses, learning what goes wrong, what works, or what blows up. Cool new reactions from the academic front sometimes take a long time to be turned into practical recipes by those chemists. We need both: giant’s chemistry and processes that will put 100 kg of your drug on the potatoe balance.

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