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Objective (optional)
The objective (sometimes called Professional Objective, "Job Objective," "Career Objective" or Career Goal) is typically placed after your contact information. Although brief, the objective serves as a "headline" or thesis statement for the rest of your resume and is intended to provide your reader with some idea of your interests and career plans as they relate to the position. The objective may also outline the skills you have developed and wish to use in your position. An advantage to including an objective is that it lets the reader know "up front" what type of position or experience you are seeking. It may be particularly useful if you have made a career change and your past experience does not reflect your current interests. An objective statement can also be useful if you are distributing your resume through personal connections as opposed to submitting your resume for a specific opening. To be most effective, the objective statement must be specific. If you have several unrelated or very diverse career interests and wish to include objective statements, you are encouraged to write more than one resume with varying objective statements. A disadvantage of an objective is that it may limit the opportunities for which an employer would consider you, or may not exactly match what an employer is seeking and therefore derail your candidacy. Note that it's better to omit an objective than to use vague, empty phrases like the following:

Do Undergraduates Have To Write A Thesis

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This chapter presents the (1) background and (2) the aim and objectives of your study, i.e. the relevance of topic; the reasons for your interest in it, and (briefly, because this will be dealt with in more detail in the Literature Review) the current knowledge of the topic. You may ‘frame’ your own research here, stating that is a need for doing that research to fill knowledge gaps (for instance, teaching learning strategies may have been well researched in other contexts, but not in yours). At this point, you may want to point out what your research is going to contribute to existing knowledge in your field.
Leading on from (1) and (2), you may state your (3) Research questions. However, it may be better to state the research questions at the end of Chapter 2, the Literature Review, after you have considered the current research findings and discussion of the topic.
Next, provide an (4) Outline of your dissertation with a brief overview of the following chapters.

Do undergraduates have to write a thesis

Resumes are skimmed before they are read, so use indentations, capitalizations, spacing, boldfacing, italics, and underlining to make it easy for the reader to find all the pertinent information. Try to have the most important information "jump off the page" when readers take an initial glance at your resume. A good check for whether or not your resume is effective is to show the resume for 5 or 10 seconds to a friend and then ask them which points they remember, or what items they saw first. Below are additional tips on the presentation of resume.

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As these sample resumes show, there is not one particular way to format your resume. Below are just examples of what has worked for Penn students and alumni in the past. You can develop your own template or borrow ideas from the formats below. Note: We strongly discourage students from using Microsoft Word's resume template because many students have found it difficult to customize. Also, please consider a variety of resume formats / styles from the samples below. It is not necessary, for example, that Wharton students only adhere to the Wharton samples below.

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Make a draft of one or several resumes, and then make an appointment to review your document(s) with a career counselor in Career Services. You may also want to show a resume both to a person involved in the particular field to which you are applying, and to another person with no connection at all to that field. A variety of viewpoints will help you make more informed choices.

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Just as "community service" shows that you are a good public citizen, listing professional memberships shows that you are an active professional citizen. In every profession, there are associations that encourage members to interact with each other and keep up with current developments in the field. It is highly advisable that you join at least one professional association (many have student chapters with reduced fees) while a student and maintain membership as a professional. If you have been active in any professional organization, (i.e., held leadership roles or participated in important committees) you might benefit by mentioning not only the organization but also your level of involvement on your resume.