Can plants photosynthesize in the dark?

It will be very interesting to see how light will influence the rate of photosynthesis in plants and what will happen if they do not get the required light in order to produce starch .

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Photosynthesis takes place in two distinct stages, known as light reactions and dark …

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Turbulence. Waves and currents create many small eddies under the surface. These stir the water and can move plankton cells up towards the light or down into the dark. Turbulence moves plantkon much faster than they can sink or swim.

do plants perform photosynthesis at night

At night, when photosynthesis can’t take place, plants continue to consume oxygen but they don’t release any back into the room. Would that mean that plants really do compete with humans for oxygen?

In plants, epidermal cells do not contain chloroplasts (with the exception of guard cells) and so do not photosynthesise.

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I have koi in outside fish ponds. At times during the long summer days there is an occurrence called an algae bloom where the water in the pond becomes filled with very small suspended algae. During the day there is no problem with the respiration of the koi that I have in the pond… but because the algae use up so much available oxygen during the night and do not add any O2 to the water…my koi in the very early morning hours before the sunlight starts photosynthesis of the algae run out of the amount of oxygen they need for respiration and are forced to breathe atmospheric O2 at the surface of the pond! They gasp for O2 out of the water from the atmosphere where there is enough available for them to survive. My point is in water ponds there is a semi closed environment where plants can use up so much oxygen at night that they force the fish to get their oxygen elsewhere. When days become shorter the algae bloom will naturally diminish if I wait it out and do not do massive water changes or resort to killing the floating algae with a chemical plant killer algaecide that will not kill my fish if used in the proper doses. Plants do use O2 at night and do not give off any O2 in darkness!

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In the first
week of the experiment the plants in the dark grew more than those in
the light as they were growing to try and find the light they need for

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Fungi were once classed as
plants, but they do not photosynthesise, but instead obtain nourishment from preformed organic
materials, in much the same way that animals do.

‘To avoid the production of oxygen via photosynthesis, plants were kept in the dark

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Maybe photosynthesis is taking place in other previously unexpected places too, like under the ground. If light other than sunlight can support photosynthesis, then maybe, just maybe, it’s taking place on planets that don’t have a star like our sun.

Do you remember learning about photosynthesis in Gr. 5? Plants need certain things to photosynthesise. There are some important requirements for photosynthesis to happen:

Plants also get their energy for growth from the Krebs ..

Photosynthesis, plants do this, your cannabis do this. Every PLANT on earth does this! So what is photosynthesis and how do this work with our beloved cannabis plants? Photosynthesis in science class clearly says that this is a process in which green plants especially the leaves use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and H2O. Photosynthesis generally involves the green pigment which is called chlorophyll and generates as a byproduct. Okay kids science class is over! So what does photosynthesis do to my plant?