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This dissertation reformulates and streamlines the core tools of robustness analysis for linear time invariant systems using now-standard methods in convex optimization. In particular, robust performance analysis can be formulated as a primal convex optimization in the form of a semidefinite program using a semidefinite representation of a set of Gramians. The same approach with semidefinite programming duality is applied to develop a linear matrix inequality test for well-connectedness analysis, and many existing results such as the Kalman-Yakubovich--Popov lemma and various scaled small gain tests are derived in an elegant fashion. More importantly, unlike the classical approach, a decision variable in this novel optimization framework contains all inner products of signals in a system, and an algorithm for constructing an input and state pair of a system corresponding to the optimal solution of robustness optimization is presented based on this information. This insight may open up new research directions, and as one such example, this dissertation proposes a semidefinite programming relaxation of a cardinality constrained variant of the H ∞ norm, which we term sparse H ∞ analysis, where an adversarial disturbance can use only a limited number of channels. Finally, sparse H ∞ analysis is applied to the linearized swing dynamics in order to detect potential vulnerable spots in power networks.

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A direct quotation reproduces someone else’s words exactly as they were written or spoken. Remember that direct quotations must either be enclosed within quotation marks or indented (depending on their length).

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Academic publications have formal rules for citation and referencing that vary between different fields, journals, etc. There are for example standard that are commonly used in citations. Below you will find some examples of direct and indirect citations using the Harvard style.

Is it direct and emphatic, setting up a specific cause and effect situation that will be developed throughout the paper?

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An opening like this one in a narrative does not come out and state the author's exact thesis. It does, however, provide similar direction for the reader, resulting in an implied thesis.

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This thesis provides an empirical analysis on how Foreign Direct Investment could affect economic growth. The analysis focuses on China and two East Asian countries, South Korea and Taiwan, for the period from 1980 to 2006. A VAR system is applied to China and the other two countries, while innovation analysis, including variance decomposition and impulse response, is then undertaken to evaluate the influence of shocks on each variable. Cointegration analysis is introduced to capture the long-run equilibrium relationships. The results suggest a small negative effect of FDI on economic growth in China and Taiwan, and no significant influence on economic growth in South Korea. But we find that FDI could be attracted by rapid economic growth of all these countries. The traditional elements for growth, such as capital and labour are demonstrated to play important roles in stimulating economic growth, while the sustainable elements suggested by new endogenous theory, such as technology development and human capital, are found playing different roles across countries with respect to their strategies of development. In addition, a simultaneous equation model is estimated to capture the effects of policy instruments on output, FDI and other endogenous variables in China. Both direct coefficient effects and multiplier effects are calculated. The results indicate that the changes in capital formation, employment and human capital could decelerate the economic growth, while the changes in technology transfer and saving could have III accelerating effects on the change in output directly. FDI could affect the change in economic growth indirectly through an accelerating effect on capital formation and human capital. For the impacts of policy instruments, It draws a conclusion that the monetary policies, fiscal policies and commercial policies committed by the government are indeed appreciative for accelerating economic development in China. Together with the specific empirical results for China and other two East Asian countries, this thesis provides a more comprehensive framework to study the relationships between economic growth and FDI, with the VAR system focusing on the general overview and the simultaneous equation model targeting on the intermediates.

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