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For the standard dental prosthesis to be functionnal for mastication, it is preferable to have a high bone density. If your bone resorbtion is high, it is better to have a precision denture or a dental implant prosthesis.

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A removable partial denture (RPD) (Fig. 2) is a removable prosthesis that replaces one of more teeth. It is most commonly made out of a biocompatible chrome-cobalt alloy that is silver in color. The missing teeth are replaced with plastic teeth, composite resin teeth or porcelain teeth. It is often necessary to use pink denture base material to secure the teeth to the metal framework and provide acceptable esthetics for the missing bone and gum.

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Removable dentures are still a great way to replace missing teeth. There are no better solution than traditional implants when your bone is resorbed and you do not want implants. This is the same type of dental prosthesis than those we manufacture for dental implants. Precision dentures are biofunctional, that is to say, they represent more accurately the movements of mastication to increase comfort and stability, despite a high bone resorption. They are designed with the best materials available on the market. For the manufacture of this type of dental prosthesis, we use teeth with unparalleled natural appearance and esthetics.

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At the end of the treatment, the work will be verified by all stakeholders involved in the implementation of dental prosthesis and implant placement. Dental prosthesis are not the only solution, but when possible, is the preferred solution. This technique can replace the removable devices by a fixed dental prosthesis.


This type of denture is less personal. To fabricate them, a denturist uses an articulator that is adjustable and which only partially reproduces the movements of laterality and protrusion of the mouth in an arbitrary manner.

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This patient had worn the same partial denture for five years and liked the fit. Tooth No. 11 was guarded due to substantial bone loss. When abutment tooth No. 5 fractured and required extraction, it was decided to salvage the existing RPD by placing implants and Locator attachments at the sites of Nos. 5 and 11, which the patient chose to extract at this time due to their poor prognosis. Immediate implant placement was performed at both sites. The patient wore a provisional “flipper” during the implant integration period of six months.

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Clients who seek the best experience in comfort and appearance will find satisfaction with our premium line of SunFlex metal-free partials. Perfect for patients with monomer allergies, our metal-free line features our superior aesthetics and precision fit for optimum comfort. Patients will proudly use our SunFlex line for years thanks to these partials’ stain and odor-blocking technology. We use a pressure-injected, flexible denture base resin, which provides complete biocompatibility and custom aesthetics.

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Dental implants prosthesis are fixed on the implants. The implant is a small screw (artificial root) which is inserted into the bone to create one or more anchor points on which the dental prosthesis is fixed. The entire process requires input and cooperation between a denturist and dentist.