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Unlike most lipids, phospholipids are partially soluble in water. Lipid monomers generally contain one or more polar functional groups. However, dehydration synthesis reactions place the electronegative atoms inside ester linkages, surrounding the polar groups with large hydrophobic areas. The mainly hydrophobic structure renders most fats insoluble in water. In contrast, phospholipids contain a special monomer unit, a strongly polar or ionic phosphate-containing group that adds solubility to one end of the lipid.

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are a class of lipids that contain two monomers, one fatty acid bonded through an ester linkage to one alcohol (a hydrocarbon containing a hydroxyl group). The hydrocarbon chain in the alcohol monomer of waxes varies from a short linear chain to complex carbon ring structures. Waxes provide protective barriers to prevent water loss and protect cells. Waxes protect seeds and nutrients inside plant fruits and coat the surface of plant leaves, forming a cuticle to prevent water loss. Bees synthesize beeswax honeycombs for storing food and protecting offspring. Waxes prevent dehydration from body surfaces of many insects and repel water on the surface of bird feathers and some animal furs.

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Protein synthesis involves building a polymer of amino acids with complex three-dimensional structure. Dehydration synthesis forms a between amino acids and releases a water molecule. A forms when a peptide bond is created between two individual amino acids, connecting the carboxyl-group carbon of one amino acid and the amino-group nitrogen of another amino acid. As additional amino acids are bonded through dehydration synthesis, a short chain () grows. are formed as peptide chain lengths reach one hundred or more amino acids. Proteins form as amino acids in one or more polypeptides chemically interact to create a complex three-dimensional structure.

Dehydration synthesis reactions in lipids form an ester linkage between the carboxyl group of a fatty acid and the ..
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Did you know the process of making starch in our bodies uses a dehydration synthesis reaction

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