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These saccharides, amino acids, and glycerols were each drawn and sketched into our lab book, in which we could see how dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis occur when these macromolecules interact.

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Cells build carbohydrate polymers by using energy to form , the bonds between monosaccharides. A dehydration synthesis reaction forms a bond between carbon atoms in two monosaccharides, sandwiching an oxygen atom between them and releasing a water molecule. A disaccharide forms when two monomers are joined. Sucrose (table sugar) is made by joining two specific monomers, glucose and fructose. Different monosaccharide pairs produce many of the common disaccharide sugars we associate with food, including sucrose, maltose (malt sugar, two glucose monomers) and lactose (milk sugar, glucose and galactose monomers).

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~This process is essential to energy metabolism and energy storageDehydration synthesis removes water to join monomers & create a polymerOHHOH + OH=H2OO~This process makes compounds such as polysaccharides, tryglycerides, and proteins, which are essential to biosynthesisIn short, hydrolysis synthesis breaks down compounds with the help of water and is essential to metabolism and energy storage,synthesis gets rid of water to create compounds that are used in processes that keep us alive.

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While there is variation among the types of biological polymers found in different organisms, the chemical mechanisms for assembling and disassembling them are largely the same across organisms. Monomers are generally linked together through a process called dehydration synthesis, while polymers are disassembled through a process called hydrolysis. Both of these chemical reactions involve water. In dehydration synthesis, bonds are formed linking monomers together while losing water molecules. In hydrolysis, water interacts with a polymer causing bonds that link monomers to each other to be broken.

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