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Amino acids bond together to form disaccharides (chains of 2amino acids) and polysaccharides (chains of many amino acids).They also bond using dehydration synthesisbecause they release a water molecule in the process, and polysaccharides canbe broken into individual amino acids by adding water in hydrolysis.

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For example, if I ask about “dehydration synthesis” only, don’t stop there.

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g, but they differed substantially in acid/base reactivities, as judged by their relative activities for the catalytic dehydration/disproportionation of 2-methyl- 3-butyn-2-ol (MBOH)...YUN S K,et al.Synthesisand catalytic properties ...

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HydrolysisMetallopeptidaseProteaseSynthetic analoguesPlease note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. A peptide ...This is a dehydrationsynthesis reaction...

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There are 2 main categories of nutrients....
Carbs: - Dissacharides
energy supply
2 simple sugars (Glu-Glu, Glu-Fru, Glu-Galactose)
Broken down in small intestine
- Starch
Long term energy storage
100's or 1000's of glucose linked together
Digestion starts in mouth (amylase) and continues in small intestine
Proteins: Tissue building enzymes
1000's of amino acids linked together
digestion starts in stomach and ends in small intestine
End up with individual amino acids

Fats/ Lipids: Important for cell membrane, insulation,
shock absorption
Glycerol and fatty acids linked together
Digested in small intestine
Saturated and Unsaturated
2) Minerals (2 categories)
-5% of our body weight
-essential for muscle contraction and blood clotting, protein synthesis
-body requires approximately 21 minerals

a) Macrominerals

-Mg, Ca, P, K, Na, Cl
-Fe, Mn, Cu, I, Co, Zn, F
Hydrolysis is the cleavage or breaking down of chemical bonds, when water is added.

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DNA polymers store hereditary information for each living organism. The unique structure of a DNA polymer provides a template for identification and delivery of the information inside each gene and for accurate replication of DNA during cell division. RNA polymers perform a variety of cellular functions, including delivering DNA messages to synthesize proteins and acting as enzymes or regulatory molecules in many cellular processes. Although less complex than protein structure, RNA polymers frequently form three-dimensional structures specific to their function. Interactions between the nitrogenous bases in DNA and RNA polymers form the basis for the structure, function, and accurate replication of nucleic acids.

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Homogeneous precipitation by formamide hydrolysis: synthesis, reversible hydration, and aqueous exfoliation of the layered double hydroxide (LDH) of Ni and Al....The hydration/dehydration cycle is complete within a narrow range of 0-3...

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The protein hydrolysates play an important role in blood pressure regulation and are used in infant food formulations, specific therapeutic dietary products and the fortification of fruit juices and soft drinks.

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reactions and the effect of pressure on product selectivity, we also include the reaction kinetics for methanol dehydration....Synthesisand isolation of methyl acetate is a representative example for formation of azeotropic product m...