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The ‘Mode 4 hypothesis’ is the only current model for the origin of modem humans derived from archaeological data, and it does so within the context of a SOM. The long-recognized association between the Upper Palaeolithic and anatomical modernity has been used as a base-line for interpreting cognitive differences between modern and archaic hominids (White 1989; Mellars 1989; 1991), thus stressing the biological significance of the evolution of modem humans. As can be seen from Figure 2, the empirical evidence for this association is real in certain parts of the world for the last 50-40 Kyr, but it cannot be extended to all regions and all modem populations, and it would be difficult to argue for a simple pattern of evolution and dispersal of Upper Palaeolithic populations over a relatively short pedod of time as the bearers of a uniform and adaptively superior technology.

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, we define the amount of dispersal between each reef in the system using the ..

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This approach, which we call "renewal ecology," is based on acceptance that environmental change will have transformative effects on coupled human and natural systems and recognizes the need to harmonize biodiversity with human infrastructure, for the benefit of both.CONCEPT DEFINITION: We propose the concept of renewal ecology as an organizing principle for conservation management in the Anthropocene. This concept formally recognizes that rapid environmental change is unavoidable, necessitating critical planning, and action, but also that human modifications of landscapes for provision of food, fiber, and ecosystem services do not necessarily have to come at the expense of biodiversity.

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We define renewal ecology as the science essential for creating and managing ecosystems to maximize both biodiversity and human well-being in the face of rapid environmental change.

Regardless of what she does next, having had a meaningful research experience as an undergraduate will be of great benefit to her.
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Phylogenetic methods in combination with divergence time estimation can reveal biogeographical centres of origin, differentiate between hypotheses of vicariance and dispersal, and reveal the directionality of dispersal events.

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Also, because tree species are subject to differential (perhaps novel) environments and interspecific interactions, the adaptive expression of phenotypic plasticity can be curtailed via ecological constraints (Valladares et al., 2007).
Reid's paradox (Clark et al., 1998; Phillips et al., 2008), which noted the apparent disparity between the relatively slow dispersal capacity of trees and their rapid spread in the early Holocene era, has been a challenge for several generations of climate change and vegetation ecologists.

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FLDH stands for Farming Language Dispersal Hypothesis

Finally, the modern human origins debate has in fact led to a greater use of archaeological data to show the geographical aspects of evolutionary events, such as population ranges, dispersing patterns and routes (Mellars 1991; Gamble 1993). Archaeological data and ideas have thus been a constant part of the current debate.