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Most Chemistry or Science courses require you to know the names of many types of chemical reactions and ask exam questions on this topic. Exactly which types of reaction depends on the course you take. Here I'll show you how to recognise the sort of things they are likely to ask you about. For a named type of reaction, it must fit the description for that type exactly - it must have only the reactants mentioned and form only the products (and all of the products) given. If there is an extra product or reactant, or one of them is missing, then it is not that type of reaction. It is as simple as that. These are popular exam questions, so it is worth learning the definitions very carefully. If the chemical reaction doesn't fit the entire definition, it's not that type of reaction. (But some reactions can fit more than one type.) Enjoy this chemistry tutorial - I hope it helps with your chemistry homework problems.

Write abalanced chemical reaction equation for its decomposition.

For this, the best description ofa reaction is to write an equation for the reaction.

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The first step is to write an unbalanced equation indicating onlythe reactant and products:A N2O5 molecule decomposes into two NO2molecule, and half of O2.

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This reaction is represented by the reaction as depicted in the picture,and the equation of the reaction is written as:The equation indicates that one mole of CaCO3 gives one moleeach of CaO and CO2.

Dealing with the quantitative aspect ofchemical reactions is called reaction stoichiometry.

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This balanced reaction equation shows that five moles of oxygenreacts with one mole of propane generating three moles of carbon dioxideand four moles of water, a total of 7 moles of products in the combustionreaction.

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For example, theoxidation of propane releases heat and light, and a rapid reactionis an explosion,A balanced equation also shows a macroscopic quantitative relationship.

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:Under ideal condition, amounts of substance in the reaction equationis as indicated below:

This is the opposite of a synthesis or combination reaction.

A reaction where water is one of the reactants, and a larger molecule is split into two smaller molecules, one of which has the hydrogen from the water and the other has the OH group from the water.

For many reactions, we may only be able to write equations for the overallreactions.

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Methyl propanoate + water ---> methanol and propanoic acid
This example is the reverse of the earlier reaction, and is usually carried out in the presence of potassium or sodium hydroxide, which then react with the acid formed to give the salt of the acid.

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Substitution reactions can be a bit confusing at times, as they can sometimes appear to go backwards as well. It depends on what other chemicals are present at the same time to help them go they way we want them to. If you wrote the first example backwards, it would be a reaction.
i.e. CH3CH2Cl + H2O ---> CH3CH2OH + HCl
Often we use a large excess of the chemical supplying the incoming group to force the reaction to go the way we want. So we would use concentrated HCl to force the first example the way we want it to go. If we started with the chloroethane and added lots of water, the HCl formed in the hydrolysis reaction would be very dilute, so the first reaction is overpowered and doesn't occur.
Don't worry if this seems a bit confusing at first, everyone finds it tricky to begin with, especially if isn't part of their course - it is usually not part of the very first courses taught at schools.