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It’s very easy to find software, or people trying to sell outdated and recycled material claiming to make you millions. Marcello, on the other hand, takes a drastically different approach. His material in The Day Trading Academy focuses on teaching students to read the market, and understand how to effectively navigate such a dynamic and fast paced environment.

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The Day Trading Academy Review below is from James

“The Day Trading Academy = Money in the Bank”

Well my dear, it is the public! Since there is a "Chinese Wall" at brokerage houses between the traders and analysts, the former sell while what we hear most of the time from the latter group are oxymoronic statements! "We are maintaining the buy recommendation but have reduced the target!" "We have lowered the rating to a buy from a strong buy!" Or if they like to sit on the fence, they just say, "Hold." These "white lies" essentially keep the company happy for future financings by the brokerage houses' Corporate Finance division but for Mr. Public, he surmises that since it was not a "Sell!" but still a "buy" or "hold," and because he loved it at $50, a $10 discount at $40 must be a wonderful bargain! And this is the start of a downward spiral. This scenario repeats itself so very often but at the end, we all know where the stock will end up, right? We have all seen the analysts say "buy" all the way down with NorTel, Worldcom, etc.

with the desire and discipline to become a day trader.

Our day and swing trading system bases itself upon the fact that when the technical and fundamental groups are in sync and aligned together, take the signals that trade in the same direction. Respect this trend regardless of what the brokerage houses say because what they say is only for the general public. The amount of money the first two realms can throw at a stock will cause the Apples, Googles, RIMs, etc., to go up several points in one day and at times, 10 or 20 points at a time. They will buy at the opening and continue to buy until the closing bell. They will move our positions and it is here where we choose these day and swing trading selections. This buying or selling power by the technical and fundamental groups underscores our trading system philosophy. If the money is not behind the trade, the trade will not go far.

If I have to summarize my opinion of The Day Trading Academy I will say:
1) I’m learning how the market behaves and when to take trades and when not to take trades.

Day trading is speculation in securities, ..

He actually told me that I could decide how much I wanted to pay for the training. In an industry that tries to gauge people’s eyes out here is a person that told me I could decide how much I wanted for training. That told me everything and I have been with Marcello & The Day Trading Academy ever since. I find him to be extremely transparent and genuine when it came to actually trying to teach people to trade rather than just trying to charge them for everything.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in day trading.

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Let's assume that the whole world of trading consist of three realms or trading sectors: technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and of course, the general public. The first group is the one like us who draw lines on charts and execute trades based on our interpretation. The second group will study an earnings report or dissect an annual report to justify their stock selections. And the third group consists of everyone else who trades stocks which is essentially the general public.

Thanks to you Marcello and The Day Trading Academy for showing me the way.

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Day traders need to make decisions fast, and they need to have a framework for doing so. That’s why they rely on research. But what kind? Most day traders rely heavily on technical research, which is an analysis of charts formed by price patterns to measure the relative supply and demand for the security. But some use fundamental analysis to help inform their decisions, too.