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Data mining and database management systems.
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Data Mining, Networking, Machine Learning, Security, Cloud Computing.

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The six remaining elective courses offer students the opportunity of further specializations in Statistics, Algorithms, Optimization, Machine Learning, Data Privacy/Security, Computer Graphics and Vision. An elective second Capstone project can be used, at the student's discretion, to compete in a Master wide context in Data Science.

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The breadth of subjects which are part of computer science together with the immense diversity of its applications,
make it imperative that students in the Master's program maintain close contact with the Graduate Program Director,
or, if choosing the thesis option, with their major professor in order to achieve a coherent plan of study directed
towards a specific goal. In particular, election of courses should only be made with prior consultation and approval of
the Major Professor or the Graduate Program Director.

Students with a B.S in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or related fields.

Phd In Computer Science Thesis In Data Mining

Absolutely, and to be proper we should be talking about data collection as the primary problem (rather, the issue to which I take exception), not the analyzation techniques. Of course, you have to have the data to mine and you have to get the data from some source. When I use the term "surveillance", I'm referring to the government going out and sucking up as much data as they can get their hands on, from Google/Yahoo's search requests, to Amazon's buy lists, etc. under the assumption that the more data they have, the better. As you yourself point out, a vast majority of this data is going to be unanalyzed for/by any offical purpose.

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a consolidated terrorist database apparently has 200000 people in it, at least according to The Globe, citing Donna Bucella of the U.S. Terrorist Screening Center, per

and undirected data-mining works,

Afer 9/11 it has become evident our methods of info gathering needed a drastic change. As with any new venture, it takes time to accumulate info, decipher meaning, determine the hoax from the truth and develop a method of tracking any and all data.

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Actually, this wasn't what I was trying to say (although I can see the implication)... I'm sure the Treasury and the SEC in particular have data mining programs. However, they're looking at the data that is directly correlated to the crimes they investigate. What I'm saying is that Total Information Awareness (the gathering of the data) wouldn't be regarded as a suitable tool for tracking down lesser crimes, in spite of the fact that those lesser crimes probably have a much greater impact than terrorism.

Data Mining for Terrorists - Schneier on Security

> The second point is that your assumption that data mining
> techniques are not used in the case of crimes other than law
> enforcement, such as armed robbery, is completely wrong.