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Toluene sulfonic acids and their derivatives are used as intermediates for the synthesis of isocyanate compounds used as water scavengers and catalysts for the production of thermosetting resins.

cyanuric acid; labelled; synthesis;

Synthesis of acyl azides from carboxylic acids using cyanuric chloride

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She, D.-M.; Yu, H.-L.; Huang, Q.-L.; Li, F.-M.; Li, C.-J. Liquid-Phase Synthesis of Cyanuric Acid from Urea. Molecules 2010, 15, 1898-1902.

It was synthesized from zirconyl hydroxide and cyanuric acid

She, Dong-Mei; Yu, Hai-Lin; Huang, Qi-Liang; Li, Fen-Ming; Li, Chun-Jiu. 2010. "Liquid-Phase Synthesis of Cyanuric Acid from Urea." Molecules 15, no. 3: 1898-1902.

β-Amino Acid synthesis by C-C coupling - Organic chemistry

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