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Reliable and significant immunological assays require reliable and reputable antibodies and antibody services. metabion provides a one-stop solution to all our customers' antibody needs. Our custom antibody services include recombinant protein expression, peptide design and synthesis, polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production, affinity purification, conjugation, and immunoassay development.

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Aves Labs specializes in high-affinity custom chicken antibody production for biomedical research and manufacturing.

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Now we offer free, secure storage of your custom plasmid vectors or commercial vectors service, and only charge for cloning into any archived vectors bundled with future gene synthesis orders.

We offer the custom preparation from native tissue and the synthesis of protein conjugates of your choice.

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We offer a very competitive service based on the production of recombinant proteins following gene cloning or synthesis. Starting from the nucleotide gene sequence or from a gene ID number/name related to public genomic databases, we will proceed to the isolation of the cDNA clone. In case of human genes, we have an almost complete and constantly updated gene library from which the desired gene targets can be isolated. When the gene target is from unusual organisms or species and a reliable RNA source is not available, the customer may be requested to supply the gene. Depending on the protein size and features, our team will attempt to clone and express the full length gene. Alternatively, a selected domain of 100-300 amino acids will be chosen for expression. For instance, in case of very hydrophobic or transmembrane proteins, the expression and purification of full-length versions is not the preferred choice. In such cases, our scientists will select domains of 100-300 amino acids in the native protein for antibody recognition. Recombinant proteins or protein domains will be produced as His-Tag fusions from E. coli cells and purified in sufficient quantities to be used in the immunization protocol and for ELISA or Western Blot testing.

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We have a very efficient production pipeline of monoclonal antibody using mice immunized with antigens either provided by the customer or produced by us (recombinant proteins - synthetic peptides). On average, 1-2 mg of protein are necessary for immunization and analysis. This service includes the generation of monoclonal antibodies through somatic fusion and the possibility to choose either 2 or 4 hybridoma clones after the first screening. We can provide both, the cell lines and the purified monoclonal ABs. Upon request, a cell banking service is available for the storage of the desired clones.

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Shows a silver stained SDS-PAGE gel. Lane 1, Molecular Weight Markers; Lane 2, untreated normal human serum; Lane 3, serum treated with ProMax Albumin Removal Particles. Both Lanes 2 and 3 were loaded with the same amount of protein.

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We specialise in the custom synthesis of synthetic peptides and peptide based molecules, providing a confidential and efficient service at competitive prices.