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The trityl-group is colorless when attached to a DNA base but it gives a characteristic orange color once removed. The intensity of this color can be measured by UV spectrophotometry and it is directly related to the number of trityl molecules present. Following the first coupling step, the amount of trityl released during deblocking is directly proportional to the amount of full-length oligo synthesized in the previous cycle. When the trityl is cleaved during the deblocking step, the resulting trityl cation is orange in color. The intensity of this color can be measure by UV spectrophotometry. By comparing the intensities of the trityl cation produced after the first and last coupling steps, one can calculate the average successful base coupling per cycle and hence the coupling efficiency.

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As the largest gene synthesis provider, we provides standard oligos and custom modified DNA oligos with comprehensive modifications and labeling to meet research needs in biology, diagnostics, and drug discovery.

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Your research will benefit from our 35 years as the leader in DNA, RNA, and LNA oligonucleotide synthesis. MCRC pioneered the use of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry as a quality assurance measure; a technique that has become the gold standard for the industry. We remain committed today to providing the highest quality products researchers around the globe.

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With over 20 years of experience in oligo synthesis, Metabion can provide you with a full range of DNA oligonucleotides and modifications of highest quality at competitive prices!

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RNA oligos are susceptible to degradation to the same extent as native RNAextracted from various sources. An attractive alternate to prevent degradationfrom nucleases is the use of 2’-O- methyl RNA bases, when specific 2’OH isnot required. The 2’-O- methyl oligonucleotides confer considerable nucleaseresistance and are similar in hydrogen bonding properties to RNA/RNA than thelower RNA/DNA binding property. The coupling efficiency of 2’-O- methylphosphoramidite is also higher than the RNA monomers resulting in higher yieldof full length oligos.

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Oligos are made using a DNA synthesizer, which is basically a computer-controlled reagent delivery system. The first base is attached to a solid support, usually a glass or polystyrene bead, which is designed to anchor the growing DNA chain in the reaction column. DNA synthesis consists of a series of chemical reactions.

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Our proprietary synthesis process generates up to 20,000 oligonucleotides per batch and cleaves them off the substrate to deliver pooled oligos. We have combined the best of oligonucleotide chemistry with a simple synthesis format which allows production of high quality libraries at a relatively low cost compared to other manufacturers. By offering delivery as either ssDNA or dsDNA, libraries can be ready for the desired application without further processing. As an example, dsDNA oligos can be immediately cloned into a desired vector upon delivery.

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Please directly with desired synthesis requirements. Of particular importance, are the number of oligos, length and location of constant and variable regions, and preference for dsDNA or ssDNA.

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Gene Link also offers custom synthesis of RNA and DNA chimeric oligos withinvestigator specified ribo or deoxy bases or 2’-O-methyl bases. The chimericoligos can also be synthesized with the regular phoshodiester bonds orsubstituted with phosphorothioate linkages. The combination of 2’-O- methylRNA bases with phosphorothioate internucleotide linkages imparts these oligosgreater nuclease resistance which is particularly useful for antisense studies(please refer to our technical sheet on Antisense Oligonucleotides for othermodifications). Custom phosphorothioate oligonucleotides synthesized by GeneLink can be specified to have all the diester bonds substituted or only someselected diester linkages depending upon the researchers experimentalrequirement. Substitution of all diester linkage is recommended to providegreater nuclease resistance.