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All of our custom products are individually handcrafted, giving each woman a natural, custom fit. The chest wall contour is captured through laser scanning so the breast form fits like a puzzle piece and hugs the chest wall. Trulife Custom Breast Forms come in skin tone options, nipple designs, and nipple colors. You can handpick the color and size of the breast form, including the nipple. This means you will have an expertly fitted breast prosthesis that is perfect for your body.

Custom-made prostheses are also available.

For surgeries to implant breast prostheses in a hospital inpatient setting, you pay the .

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I am very small breasted, and my "Nearly Me" prosthesis just isn't all I wish it was. It moves in my sports bra when I exercise, falls out of my regular bra when I bend over, and I wish it had a bit of a nipple. That is why I am thinking about going the custom route....if I hear anything positive, if insurance will cover it, and if I can find a place that does them (not so easy to find).

A breast prosthesis restores a portion or the entire of the breast

I do not see many posts about custom breast prostheses. I would like to hear from any one who has a custom prosthesis. I would like to know if you like or do not like it, and what type you have. I have read about Radiant Impressions and New Attitudes. I know they are expensive, and may not be covered by insurance completely, but are they worth the price? I would also welcome any information from anyone who has knowledge of these custom prostheses.

Hello to all ladies who are searching for that custom breast prosthesis.......
I'd like to hear more about the Custom Breasts, I am not sure if they are made here.

Some specialty shops sell custom-made breast ..

Truelife, (formerly known as Camp) also offers a contact prosthesis. I have used exclusively True life contact prosthesis for many years. I am considering the Ameona form, only because the insurance approved supplier does not cover the True life forms I have always used.

In general, I have found the contact forms very comfortable. A few words of caution, you must follow the manufacturers instructions on taking care of these forms closely, in order to maintain the effectiveness of the adhesive it comes with. This adhesive can wear off even if taken care of properly after about two years, but, you can buy a roll on adhesive which works well if this happens and the form itself is still good. The adhesive contact forms can be worn with the contact surface covered (cover comes with) if you want to wear it in a pocket mastectomy bra. Obviously, they are not designed to be worn in the water as the adhesive loses it's ability to adhere the form to your chest in water. Also the chlorine in pool water can cause premature breakdown of the form itself.

A really important thing to know about the contact/adhesive forms is that if you tend to sweat, the adhesive fails while wearing the form depending on how badly you sweat. The form then can start moving around, even if you use a tight fitting regular run of the mill sports bra. Buying a sports bra that has a seam between the breasts, essentially creating one "compartment" for each breast, can cut down on this movement, but not entirely prevent it. This can have an embarrassing result.

However, for anyone with spinal mets, like myself, who can not tolerate the tightness of the chest bands on most mastectomy bras designed for non contact forms, the contact form can be a life saver. I buy a sports bra that is one size too big, thus reducing the tightness of the band around the ribcage, that conforms to the shape and size of the form elsewhere because it is made of a stretchy material. In the past few years many non sports type bras also use this tyoe of design, allowing you to buy a bra that is not too tight around your chest, but conforms to your prosthesis. If you try to buy a standard mastectomy bra and non contact form when you have this problem, you may find that when you buy a bra to accommodate your inability to tolerate a tight band around your ribcage, the cup size is always too big for your form.

So, when using a contact form while exercising or just in high temperatures, beware that you may encounter some form slippage. This can be annoying. However, if you have spinal or ribs mets and experience pain with the pressure of the chest band of most bras, contact forms permit you to work around this problem. It is the only way I have found to solve this problem so I can comfortable wear a bra and prosthesis without pain.

If anyone has any better ideas on how to accommodate this particular problem, I'm all ears. I wish I had a bilateral mastectomy, so I could just go braless and formless. I'd rather be flat chested than a one eyed willy! Oh well, too late for that, the ship has sailed.

Hope this info helps!


Patients are able to choose from a colorful selection of skin tones as well as nipple size and colors for a truly custom breast prosthesis.

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There are a variety of options for women after breast surgery. The choice to move forward on your journey with a custom breast prosthesis may be the best option for you.

You can be fitted for Trulife Custom Breast Forms approximately six months after surgery or sooner, depending on your doctor’s recommendation.

different types of breast forms from ready-made to custom ..

It’s important for every woman to feel comfortable in her own skin. If you have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction or Poland Syndrome, you deserve to feel at peace with your body. Virage Breast Forms are custom-fitted and lightweight, which will allow you to return to the everyday activities you love and will help you feel like yourself again - confident and comfortable.. Virage Breast Forms are custom-fitted, lightweight breast forms that allow you to return to the everyday activities you love. They are custom-made and personalized to ensure a perfect fit despite healing patterns and surgical depth. We support you and all breast cancer survivors by providing the support and products you need to adapt to life after cancer. Virage Breast Forms give you peace of mind after your recovery and help you get back to your normal self and routines effortlessly.