Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis

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Abbot E. Smith, 11.4 (Fall 1967), says that this "is an excellent book, well organized, well written, well worth reading.... There is a great deal about the CIA." Hilsman treats the CIA "fairly and judiciously.... He emphatically denies that the Agency is or was ... an Invisible Government." Pforzheimer finds that the parts of the book on President Kennedy and the CIA and the Cuban Missile Crisis "are of particular interest. Hilsman's comments are highly subjective and frequently very provocative and debatable."

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and the Soviet Union engaged in a harsh, thirteen-day political and military standoff over the installation of nuclear armed missiles in Cuba, exactly just 90 miles from the shoreline of Florida, this event was known as the Cuban Missile Crisis ("Cuban Missile Crisis").

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There were many reasons why the Cuban missile crisis came about, and undoubtedly the USSR and America's history played major roles in the coming about of this incident.

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Westerfield: "Kent's account of his greatest mistake: the prediction three weeks before the Cuban missile crisis that Moscow would be unlikely to station missiles in Cuba that could reach much of the United States." See Michael Douglas Smith, "The Perils of Analysis: Revisiting Sherman Kent’s Defense of SNIE 85-3-62." 51, no. 3 (2007). []

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The Salem Witch Trials in "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller and the Cuban Missile Crisis are both great examples of widespread panic leading to mass hysteria, major events of chaos in history, and two situations that eventuall...

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"[S]ignals intelligence did not provide any direct information about the Soviet introduction of offensive ballistic missiles into Cuba. However, in the more than two years before that fact was known, SIGINT analysts thoroughly studied the Cuban military buildup. Once the offensive missiles were discovered, SIGINT provided direct support for day-to-day management of the crisis."